A View From Number Two

A View From Number Two

Sarah Baca

By Sarah Baca
Vice President
Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC




We have a special guest speaker this month. All the way from Texas, Paul Mueller, Director at User Aid, is talking to us about Improving Team Dynamics for a More Effective Team. We all work with teams over our careers, so I am sure this topic can benefit everyone.

Here is the abstract that Paul provided:

This presentation includes a discussion of keys to leadership and explores team dynamics through ideas raised in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni.  We will also discuss ways to improve team performance by creating a positive environment for teamwork.  The book outlines five dysfunctions that lead to issues:

  • Absence of Trust (invulnerability)
  • Fear of Conflict (artificial harmony)
  • Lack of Commitment (ambiguity)
  • Avoidance of Accountability (low standards)
  • Inattention to Results (status and ego)

We will explore each of these areas, identify how each issue builds on the others, and discuss ways to improve team dynamics.  During this presentation, we will:

  • Discuss methods for building trust among team members.
  • Learn effective practices from the presenter and attendees.
  • Talk about healthy ways to encourage healthy conflict.

At the end of this presentation, you should be able to identify dysfunction in your team, build trust among team members using some of the methods discussed, and engender a work environment of healthy, unfiltered, open and honest communication.

We hope you can join us for another exciting meeting!

You can RSVP at the following link:


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