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Hi everyone!

I’m Julia Southwick: your editor! Currently, I’m working at JHT, Inc as a technical writer. Here at STC Florida’s Memo to Members (MtM), I’m working on a diversity series of posts for each of the diversity months. I’m very passionate about diversity and inclusion and would love to hear ideas for new articles about diversity and inclusion.

I also started a series of STC Membership Spotlights which are getting to know you posts in a similar style to meet the new editor and the beginning of how to use google suite. You can write about yourself or someone else you want to give the spotlight to. Have fun and let’s get to know each other!

I’d love to hear your ideas for new articles and to publish your writing. If you have an idea for an article, want to submit an article, or want to write something for MtM but aren’t sure what to write please email me at

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Happy writing and I’ll see you around!