Five Great Reasons to Continue in STC

Five Great Reasons to Continue in STC

You know why you joined STC. Do you know why you should stay?

By W.C. Wiese

2. Leadership Skills

Afraid to speak? Do you have management potential? Where else are you going to practice?

Most of us found our professional calling because we think we communicate better in writing than we do in person. As a result, it’s easy for us to cling to the outside wall of meetings, stay muted in Zoom meetings, and to be overlooked in discussions. Here’s a career insight:  that won’t change unless you work on it.

Your STC Chapter is the perfect place to develop leadership skills.

Your STC chapter is the ideal sandbox for finding your voice, learning to hold the floor, and finding your role in managing an organization. Chapter officers and committee chairs get used to working with each other and exchanging ideas, managing a budget, and encouraging others to speak. There is no more comfortable place to grow your leadership skills and confidence than working as members of a group.

For some, it’s as simple as presenting a program. What other audience would be as interested or appreciative in learning about your first year of employment as a technical communicator? In exchange, they’ll help you grow as a speaker and possibly as a leader.

The Florida Chapter was formed in 1984, and in that time, dozens of us took our first tentative steps to lead the chapter and find our business voice. The result? Four former chapter presidents were later elected to the Society’s Board of Directors, while several others took prominent leadership roles in managing the annual summit, Accessibility Committee, and Community Affairs Committee.

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An STC Fellow with 45 years’ experience in aerospace marketing support and program communications, W.C. currently serves as Florida Chapter Treasurer. He has served STC as Society Treasurer and as a member of the Board of Directors. He previously served as President of STC’s Orlando Chapter and Treasurer. W.C. has presented at 13 Annual Conferences.

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