Get Hyped for this Month’s Meeting!

Get Hyped for this Month’s Meeting!

Collaborating on Virtual Teams

Nick Ducharme

By: Nick Ducharme
Vice President
Florida Chapter, STC


Before we get hyped for this month’s meeting, I would like to thank you all for the record-breaking online turnout for last month’s topic, Cognition, Design, and Usability: Understanding the Minds of Users. Your overwhelming engagement signals that we are fulfilling our mission of providing meetings that are both engaging and accessible. Nothing else could bring me greater joy as your Vice President. Thank you so much!

That said, this month should hopefully inspire similar virtual engagement, considering that virtual is what it’s all about! This month, please click here and RSVP to join us for Collaborating on Remote Teams, presented by Todd DeLuca. You can either join us virtually or in person.

I had the privilege of meeting Mr. DeLuca at the STC Summit in Orlando this year. There were so many interesting and fantastic professionals who made a showing that one would be hard-pressed to commit them all to memory. But Todd made such an impression that I couldn’t help but remember him. I believe you will feel the same after you experience this presentation. The official presentation description is below. Enjoy, and I hope you can join us!

Presenter Todd Deluca


Presentation Overview:

The definition and the makeup of workplace teams have changed significantly due to technology and the ubiquity of the internet. In fact, odds are good that you are part of a group or team with members that are not physically located in a local office. There may even be people you work with that you’ve never seen or met in person. Basically, if you use email, IM, online meetings, or discussion boards, you’re part of a virtual team.

How would you rate your virtual team experience? The dynamics of being part of a team in this new landscape are different and most organizations don’t manage or support virtual teams as effectively as they could. Often the tried-and-true methodologies from the past don’t meet the needs of a more distributed, diverse, and international workforce. There’s a lot of room for improvement. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here and joining together virtually to share suggestions on making virtual teams work better.

Our speaker, Todd DeLuca (aka ‘TechCommTodd’) has been a virtual worker and manager for the past 8 years and understands both the issues and opportunities that virtual teams present. The rules of the road are different when you’re part of a virtual group or organization, which Todd will outline and discuss. He will also present virtual team challenges and offer ways to address them in order to change the experience from sometimes frustrating to mostly positive. Spoiler: You still have to work with people and have meetings (at least occasionally).

Join us for an honest look at virtual teams and come away with helpful ideas and useful suggestions on how to be a star member of your own virtual group. And don’t be surprised if some of the solutions center around communication.

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