The View From Campus

The View From Campus

Part 4 of a 4-Part Series

FTC/STC Student Mentoring Program Kicks Off an Exciting Year and Lays Plans for Expanded Virtual Connectivity

Andy Romero

By: Andy Romero
FTC President and STC Student Member

Welcome back FTC students and members of STC. I am eager to shine some light on recent events that have taken place at the University of Central Florida. On Thursday, September 13, 2018, FTC held its first General Body meeting for the 2018 Fall semester. In attendance were various old and new faces that have joined the club and are excited to begin their involvement in the STC and FTC community. We were also accompanied by technical communication professor and FTC club sponsor Dr. J.D. Applen and Professor Carolyn Glasshoff.

Most importantly, elections were held in the General Body meeting, bringing in three new students as FTC officers for the Fall semester of 2018. Andy Romero was elected for her third term as president for the Fall semester. Joshua-Caleb (JC) Barton was elected as Vice President, and will later take on the role of president in the Spring semester of 2019. Amy Truong was elected as the new secretary and Alix Celeste will be serving as the FTC Treasurer. The new FTC officers have already begun brainstorming ways on how to enhance our online presence and expand further on student involvement within the community. Beginning this semester, we have already created new social media pages so students and members of STC can stay updated on our most recent events and news. Some of these social media pages include LinkedIn, Facebook, and KnightConnect.

As we begin the new year, we are enthusiastic to bring in a new group of students to join the STC-FTC student mentorship program and demonstrate the importance of learning outside of the classroom. We hope to see just as many students have a successful mentorship experience as last year and achieve our goal to “bridge the gap between industry and academia”. If you happen to be interested in becoming a future mentor or mentee of the FTC-STC mentoring program, please visit the STC chapter website for further information and application forms. Stand by for more details as we invite our program members to the mentoring kickoff via email. This brings us to an end of our four series newsletter column and a fresh start to a great new year with the FTC and STC community.

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