Get Active, Get Recognized, Show Your Stuff!

Get Active, Get Recognized, Show Your Stuff!

W. C. Wiese

by W.C. Wiese
Active Member Motivator
Orlando Chapter STC

Wanna stand out in your profession? Wanna show the boss you’re serious about the job they hired you to do? This’ll help.

They come in pepper, black, and powder blue. They come in forest green and artillery red. And there are maybe 250 in the whole wide world. What are they? Highly sought after Orlando Central Florida Chapter Active Member shirts!

Mentoring Co-Chair Dan Voss Receives his Active Member Shirt at the 2011 End-of-Year Banquet

At our end-of-the-chapter-year awards dinner in June, Membership Chairman David Coverston recognized 17 Orlando Central Florida Active Members at the year-end banquet. Each received the gray-trimmed black polo shirts President Karen Lane still raves about.

Since 2001, the Orlando Central Florida Chapter has recognized members who are consistent in their attendance and help make the chapter a success. These distinctive leadership shirts cannot be bought, only earned. They set our membership apart at STC conferences and in the workplace. (After years of envy, several other chapters have copied us and begun their own active membership programs in the past 5 years.)

As the table shows, members earn points every month they attend a meeting, put on a program, attend an Administrative Council meeting, or serve as a judge or mentor.



Point Value

Attend Chapter Meeting



0.5 for office

0.5 for attending AdCo!

Present a Program


Visit a Class or Another Chapter


Serve as a Mentor/Month


Serve as a Judge/Month


Sponsor a New Member


Write Articles for the Newsletter



In the chapter year ahead, you must earn 14 points to earn a 2013 Active Member shirt. But it will be worth it!

The shirts let our members celebrate chapter pride in the workplace whenever they choose to wear it. It sends a positive message to employers, clients, and co-workers: I am committed to my profession and committed to self-development. I am a member of STC!

Will you be an active member? Watch in upcoming issues of Memo to Members! And watch for opportunities for mentorship, to share in committee work, or to judge chapter contests.

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