Tool Tips Articles, Master List

Tool Tips Articles, Master List

David Coverston’s Tool Tips series is one of our longest-running columns, and for very good reason. Even several of his earliest tool tips remain relevant (and highly useful) today!

For those interested in seeing David Coverston’s tool tip articles, here are links to all of them!

November 2002 (FileGrab):

December 2002 (Winkey):

January 2003 (Agent Ransack):

February 2003 (emailStripper tool to remove “>>>>”):

March 2003 (Word Macros):

April 2003 (Advanced Find in Word):

May 2003 (Irfanview):

June 2003 (VBA Editor):

July/August 2003 (Using .PAR Files to Recover Missing or Corrupt Files):

September 2003 (Finding It on the Internet):

October 2003 (Automating FrameMaker):

November 2003 (PowerRen 2000):

December 2003 (Spyware):

January 2004 (Copying and Moving Bookmarks):

February 2004 (Creating an Autorun CD):

March 2004 (Disposable Macros Are a Great Help with Small Projects):

April 2004 (Clipboard Toolbar):

June 2004 (AVICodec for Video Files):

August 2004 (Use the Tools That You Have):

September 2004 (Word Version Detection):

October 2004 (Getting MIFfed with FrameMaker):

December 2004 (Copier and Calculator):

January 2005 (Dual Monitors):

February 2005 (Firefox):

March 2005 (New Folder Button):

April 2005 (AutoText in FrameMaker):

June 2005 (Unveiling Computer Activity with Process Explorer):

August 2005 (Oh My Darling Clementine):

September 2005 (Meet Karen’s Director Printer):

October 2005 (XML Pad):

November 2005 (Portable Document Format):

January 2006 (Firefox Part Two):

February 2006 (Copernic Desktop Search):

March 2006 (Fixing Corrupted Documents):

April 2006 (Printkey):

June 2006 (CopyMessageBox):

November 2006 (Adobe Acrobat New Page Plug-In):

May 2007 (Try a Green Folder Icon):

March 2008 (Saving a Website):

April 2008 (WinMerge):

May 2008 (First Look at Word 2007):

October 2008 (Acrobat PDFs):

February 2009 (Bulk Rename Utility):

December 2009 (QT TabBar):

April 2010 (Duplicate Cleaner):

April 2011 (Extools):

December 2011 (Calibre):

January 2012 (Sigil):

February 2012 (Mailing Lists You Should Know About):

March 2012 (More Mailing Lists You Should Know About):

April 2012 (Shortcuts in Excel):

March 2013 (Macro for links in Word and PDF):

April 2013 (Notepad++):

November 2014 (Notepad++ vs. Framemaker):

March 2015 (Fonts in PDF Files):


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  1. Dan Voss

    My thanks to MtM editor, Nick Ducharme, for taking the time to develop this marvelous online index to David Coverston’s amazing archives of invaluable “ToolTips.” David, you should consider self-publishing this compilation, you really should!

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