Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

By: Jordie Rutledge
Orlando Central Florida, STC

We’re happy to announce the beginning of several SIGs within our chapter. It is our hope that these groups will become a place for you to network, converse, and problem-solve with like-minded people. Check out the list below and let us know if you’re interested in joining one of the following SIGs:

Aerospace & Defense SIG —For those involved or interested in Technical Communication within the aerospace/defense industry.
• Contact W.C. Weise: William.Wiese@us.meadsintl.com

New Technical Communicators SIG — For Tech Comm students or recent graduates to share their experiences and problem-solve together.
• Contact Jordie Rutledge: STCjordie@gmail.com

ToolTips SIG — For those interested in learning and sharing the tools of the trade.
• Contact David Coverston: dcoverston@cfl.rr.com

Job Seekers SIG — For technical communicators currently in the job market to support each other in their searches.
• Contact R.D. Sharninghouse: rdsharninghouse@gmail.com

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