STC Mentoring Program

STC Mentoring Program

Looking for a way to make those crucial connections after you graduate? Our mentoring program with the Orlando Central Florida Chapter of STC might be perfect for you! The Orlando Central Florida Chapter of STC, in conjunction with UCF, is proud to announce its 2013-2014 mentoring program, pairing veterans from the front lines of industry with talented technical communication students. The goal: to bridge the gap between industry and academe.

We match students interested in technical communication with professionals in the field. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to collaborate on projects, which will help you improve your technical writing skills and it will give you something to add to your portfolio. It will be the best opportunity you can get to accomplish some networking and learn some practical tips for breaking into the technical communication field once you graduate. If you are graduating this fall, spring, or summer, this is a perfect chance for you to make vital connections that will help you land a job once you get your degree.

In order to participate in the STC-FTC mentoring program, you must be a UCF student in technical communication or related discipline, a student member of STC, and a member of FTC. FTC dues can be paid at the next meeting, and the STC membership you can sign up for online. For more information, please, check out the mentoring page on the STC Orlando website. If you have any questions about the program, feel free to ask!

A successful mentoring relationship benefits those involved through increased confidence and a sense of direction.The relationship between mentor and mentee requires honesty, openness, commitment, and effort by both individuals. The relationship provides a risk-free learning environment in which to offer career guidance.

Once you have completed this application, sign your name and send to Dan Voss ( and Bethany Aguad ( After they have reviewed the applications, the program coordinators will establish mentor-mentee teams that provide an optimal match of goals, skills, and styles. After the application deadline has passed, your program coordinator will email you your team information and invite you to the mentoring kickoff meeting where you will be introduced to your mentor.

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