From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor’s Desk

Hello everyone!  Another month, another issue!

I would like to tell you about a couple of things with STC.  The “STC Tryout” and the limited time offer for a classic membership at $195 are both specials for current members.

The STC Tryout is a chance for current members to introduce colleagues and friends to the STC at 67% of the cost for an annual membership.  They will receive all of the benefits of a membership for the duration of 2013 at $75.  This tryout will also give these new members an opportunity for the limited-time Early Renewal Discount for 2014, which is only available to current members.


By encouraging people to become members you will:

  • Expand your network of technical communicating professionals.
  • Strengthen the STC by increasing recognition of the technical writer profession.
  • Improve educational and networking opportunities for members.
  • Advancing technical communication worldwide.
  • Help others succeed in their careers.
  • Receive recognition for your recruitment efforts.

Explain to potential recruits why you are in the STC and how invaluable the membership has been for you.  Then tell them that they can join for the discounted rate for the remainder of 2013.

Tell them to join STC online.  The enrollment fee will be waived.  They must include the promotion code “TRYOUT13” into the “Dues Discount” field at the end of the application see this screenshot.  If they have any questions have them call 1-703-522-4114 or email  And remember, every member that is recruited will help to strengthen the STC.

As mentioned earlier there is a limited time offer on the Classic Membership with the STC.  Membership is not open yet, but current members can apply for an Early Renewal Discount of $195 for the year 2014.

Regardless of when you renew all memberships still receive the same benefits from STC which include:

  • Subscription to award-winning Intercom and Technical Communication.
  • Access to the Salary Database.
  • A library of free archived seminars.
  • Significant discounts on STC webinars, online courses, recorded sessions, and the annual Summit.
  • A 14-day head start on all jobs posted to the Job Bank.
  • Networking opportunities across the globe.

You can even go for the “Gold Value Package” that allows you access to free webinars and locked-in low rates for the 2014 Summit.

Exclusive benefits for Gold Value members include:

  • Memberships in any and all of the SIGs.
  • Membership in one Chapter of your choice.
  • Really Early Bird pricing for the Summit regardless of your registration date.
  • You will receive 50% off one online course.
  • Five free live Web seminars.

For those who have graduated within the last three years there is a new Professional category and it is only $160!  This allows young professionals access to resources necessary to build a strong career.

So there you have it STC members.  A great chance to increase our recognition, gain new members and continue your own membership at a low cost to you and those who join.


R.D. Sharninghouse
Editor, Memo 2 Members Newsletter

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