Meet our Employment Panel! Join Us Tonight, March 28th!

Meet our Employment Panel! Join Us Tonight, March 28th!

The STC Florida chapter has an annual tradition around this time of year: our Annual Employment Panel! The panelists’ names and bios are below! We invite a panel of hiring managers and professionals who hire and work with technical communicators to answer your questions about working in the field. This is a perfect chance to ask some experts your burning questions about interviewing, resumes, career advice, mentoring, work samples/portfolios, and more! I highly recommend joining us for this one if you are able.

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Come prepared with your questions and hear stories from the ground floor of the hiring process. This panel will not only benefit early-career technical communicators but those with experience as well. It’s always a good idea to sharpen your interviewing skills, you never know what the future holds. We will be announcing this year’s panelists here in Memo to Members soon.

We will be charging the following rates for this meeting:

  • Free for students
  • $5 for STC Florida Chapter Members (part of Society for Technical Communication membership)
  • $15 for all other attendees

Meet the Panelists!

Patrick Green

Technical Documentation Manager at Lockheed Martin

 Patrick Green is a Lockheed Martin (LM) Technical Publications Manager who works at the Rotary and Mission Systems (RMS) Training and Logistics Solutions (TLS) facility to provide high-quality technical publications for the products developed at this site.  Patrick moved to Orlando in 2014 when he started as the Technical Publications Manager and now oversees a team of 20 writers who develop a variety of publications.  Before this, he worked at the LM RMS facility in Syracuse, NY as a Logistics Project Manager where he was responsible for all logistics products for various ground-based radar systems. In addition to these two positions, Patrick has been a technical writer and customer trainer while at LM.  Patrick is also a retired Marine with over 21 years of service.  Patrick is a graduate of Columbia College and holds a BS in Business Administration and Human Resource Management.

Wendy Hurst

Manager, Documentation

Wendy Hurst has over 30 years of experience in both the Documentation and Marketing areas for Sagent – a leading financial services software company.  Wendy and her team of technical writers and other communications professionals are responsible for authoring documentation and release notes for a suite of software solutions that automate the full spectrum of loan servicing tasks for lenders throughout the country.  Under her leadership, the company moved to publishing documentation over a secure website and developed screen level help by integrating documentation with their flagship loan servicing product. Her team uses multiple MadCap Software products to streamline the content development lifecycle and improve the user experience by publishing documentation to an easy-to-use HTML5 output. Wendy is a graduate of Valparaiso University and holds a BA in English and French.

Rhyne Armstrong

Rhyne Armstrong is the Senior Manager, Developer Experience at Pismo, a Brazilian Fintech startup recently acquired by Visa. He lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife and the two kids that are still at home, and many many rescued pets. In his spare time, he enjoys acting on stage and screen, and running a charity Haunted House every fall.

Editor’s note: Bio updates.

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