STC Florida Spring 2021 Meeting Recap

STC Florida Spring 2021 Meeting Recap

STC Florida had a busy spring, and we wanted to share a recap of our March, April, and May chapter meetings for those who were unable to attend. We look forward to hosting more programs like these later in the year!

March Annual Employment Panel

On March 25, we hosted a panel of hiring managers and professionals who interact with Technical Communicators on a daily basis for some moderated discussion and Q & A.

We were honored to welcome:

  • Don Adams
  • Christine Christensen
  • Patrick Green
  • Rhyne Armstrong
  • Stephanie Young

Attendees asked our experts some experts your burning questions about interviewing, resumes, career advice, mentoring, work samples/portfolios, and more! 

April Open Forum on Tech Comm

On April 22, we hosted our second annual open forum to discuss technical communication topics of interest to everyone. One year ago, we held our first open forum, and we wanted to take the opportunity to talk about how the world has changed for technical communicators in the year since the pandemic!

May Through the Generations: The Enduring Value of Tech Comm

On May 27, we welcomed Lori Meyer to share her presentation “Through the Generations: The Enduring Value of Technical Communication”. We listened to Lori Meyer speak about her career in technical communication and touch upon topics like user advocacy, quality and innovation, and generational identities. In addition, attendees got a chance to hear from the slate of candidates for the 2021-2022 STC Florida election. We were thrilled to have a full slate of candidates for chapter office this year!

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