Top Takeaways From My First STC Meeting

Top Takeaways From My First STC Meeting

By: Connor Elfrink
Florida Chapter, STC

Hi all! I’m Connor – current textbook editor and new member of the STC Florida Chapter. The January meeting featured a panel of young professionals who answered questions about their experience in the technical communications field. As a young professional myself, I found their tips super helpful – here are some of my favorites!

  1. Lessons you’d pass on to new tech writers:
  • Learn an additional skill (coding / HTML / etc).
  • Don’t stress if you haven’t mastered all skills. Mastery of one skill/software is evidence to employers you can master another
  1. Make a portfolio as you work: 
  • Keep track of/file your work as you go (for performance reviews, etc.). Doing this retroactively can be a daunting task!
  • Take 30 minutes each month to review/recap what you’ve done.
  • Keep copies of everything!
  1. Value of a portfolio:
  • Helps you to organize/prioritize what you value most about your work.
  • How to build a larger portfolio? (blogging!). Even if it’s writing about a random topic of interest, blogging shows your ability/commitment to writing.
  1. Does your employer support STC? 
  • They love it!”
  • Companies like when current employees are STC members. For one reason, this connects. employers to a larger pool of candidates to fill future job openings.

5. Recommendations for job search strategies/interviews?

  • Join STC! Networking helps push your resume through.
  • Be confident! Focus on / sell the skills you do have.
  • Apply for everything! Once you’re in the company, new positions can open up.
  • Research the company beforehand/mention specifics at the interview.

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