September Meeting Recap

September Meeting Recap

Alexandra Engrand

By: Alexandra Engrand
Florida Chapter, STC

Mirhonda Studevant joined us last month for the September meeting where she shared with attendees her knowledge and resources for surviving job hunting. She has accumulated this information from the 20+ years she has spent working in the technical communication field. Studevant’s presentation was titled “Job Search Survival: How to Get Off the Island.”

The presentation was broken up into four parts:

  1. Signal for Rescue
  2. Find Fresh Water
  3. Find Food
  4. Avoid Injury

Studevant also listed various tools job hunters can use, such as the website Simply Hired, which searches various job sites and compiles the results in one place, and the online learning platform, which was recently acquired by LinkedIn and is now LinkedIn Learning.

For a more detailed look at the presentation and a full breakdown of each category, visit and select the video titled “Job Search Survival: How to Get Off the Island (STC Florida Meeting).”

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