February Meeting Recap

February Meeting Recap

By: Ashlee Chmielewski
STC Student Writer
Florida Chapter, STC

For those who were unable to attend the meeting on February 7th, the meeting was a combined gathering of our STC chapter and the Future Technical Communicators (FTC) club at UCF. Attendees had a chance to eat and socialize with others for thirty minutes before the meeting started, and members from both organizations seemed to have no problem mingling.

The meeting itself involved seven short presentations about technical communication career paths. The different presentations addressed the following careers: instructional design, technical trainer, user assistance designer, content strategist, technical writing, and technical publications coordinator. The seventh presentation discussed navigating your career and saving for retirement.

Alex Garcia led the discussion about instructional systems design. Alex discussed how he uses the ADDIE model to help improve the teaching of a subject, a valuable skill he uses to help improve the manuals he works on at Lockheed Martin.

Next, Rachel Eichen discussed her role as a technical trainer. Rachel mentioned how she works on cruise ships teaching technical classes. She said that she loves working on cruises because she is still able to travel. However, she did warn us that a career specifically on a cruise ship will not provide you with many days off.

Michael Todd talked to us about his career as a user assistance designer. He seemed quite passionate about his work as he discussed how user assistance designers help clients learn to use their products.

Debra Johnson discussed her career as a content strategist. She mentioned that she did a lot of contract work in the beginning of her career and that it was always different at each job, since no two contracting jobs are the same. Debra told us that it is not for everyone, but she loves the challenge.

Next, Angela Trenkle spoke to us about her position as a technical writer in the bioresearch industry. Angela mentioned that she loved technical communication and science, and after some searching, she was able to find a position that combines both of her talents.

Our own STC Florida President, Bethany Aguad, told us about her position as a technical publications coordinator. Bethany said she likes the challenge of the changing tasks and priorities. She also expressed that she loves being able to work from home, something this position allows her to do.

Finally, W.C. Wiese gave us advice about how to prepare for retirement. It seemed like an odd topic to discuss, especially since many of us are in the beginning of our careers. However, W.C. explained that we need to start saving now. He said that companies are no longer providing pensions, and we need to think about our financial future now rather than when it’s too late.

It seemed as though everyone at the meeting, both virtually and in-person, had a good time. The presentations were very informative and each had their own strengths. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the meeting and asked thought-provoking questions.

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