Leadership Retreat Report

Leadership Retreat Report

Sarah Baca

By Sarah Baca
Orlando Chapter STC

In July, we had our annual Leadership Day. I have had the pleasure of going the last two years, and just like those years, the event this year was exciting and energizing. I love when we all get together to share ideas.

During this meeting:

  • We covered the Advisory Council topics
  • Dan Voss and Bethany Bowles discussed their efforts with the mentoring program and their roles on the CAC as part of the student initiative
  • As Treasurer, I gave a financial review presentation
  • Our CAA co-chair, Patricia Cruz, gave a presentation about the CAA awards
  • We had a pop (culture) quiz, designed by Karen Lane (Of course I failed that miserably. Jon Kessler won the most points but it was not by a landslide. We have several very smart people in our chapter)!
  • We reviewed the P&P Manual in small groups.

I am sure that the decisions made during the meeting will be shared with our members in other parts of this edition. Several major decisions were made, which I think will result in an even stronger, more vibrant chapter.

I look forward to kicking off the year at Washlines XVIII.

I hope to see you there.

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