Vacating the Editor’s Desk

Vacating the Editor’s Desk

Nick Ducharme

By: Nick Ducharme
Vice President-Elect
Florida Chapter, STC

Well…this is it.

The Apprentice has become the Master! I’m officially passing the reins of Memo to Members (MtM) to your new Communications Manager and Newsletter Editor, Emily Wells. And in turn, per last week’s chapter elections, I‘ll take up my new role as Vice President at our annual awards banquet in June.

The saga of this newsletter is a rich one that spans over two decades. We’ve evolved from a traditional PDF layout called Tech Trends that was optimized for print (!) into today’s MtM blog format. This evolution continued during my incumbency as we honed our editorial and distribution processes, migrated websites, and revised our chapter’s name—twice. Sustaining this publication through those changes has been a wild ride!

These past three years with MtM were a gift. I’ve grown so much from the experience, both in leadership and in editorial prowess. Most importantly, I’ve grown to know you, our readers and contributors. Thank you for your encouragement, wisdom, and joy. I’ll carry your stories with me into this next leg of my journey.

I must say that my finest moments with MtM have been at the end of this era. These past few editions that I’ve co-edited with Emily are my favorites to date. The two of us have also conversed about her vision for our chapter’s Communications Committee, and adequate words escape me to convey my enthusiasm. I leave this desk in good hands.

This is not a goodbye, dear communicators. I’ll see you on the other side.

And at the Summit. Mic drop.

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