Meeting Sponsorship Program

Meeting Sponsorship Program

Mary Burns

By Mary Burns
Hospitality Chair
Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC

Do you work for a company that would like more exposure in the technical communication community? Would your company like to have its corporate brand featured in our monthly newsletter and on our chapter Web site?

Orlando Central Florida  Chapter of STC has openings for meeting sponsorships that provide just such benefits. As the sponsor of one of our chapter meetings, depending on the sponsorship level (> $100, $300, $450), your company receives:

  • Free company advertisement on the chapter Web site.
  • Free company advertisement in Memo to Members, sent to our mailing list (members and non-members).
  • Mention of the sponsorship in the electronic meeting announcement sent to our mailing list (members and non-members).
  • Announcement of the sponsorship at the meeting. Your company representative is our welcome guest. Some sponsors bring business cards to distribute and provide company-branded giveaways for our monthly door prizes.

Look for more details in your inbox and our website soon.


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