Previous Event — Garnet Venue Goes “Dark” as Dark Forces Intervene

Previous Event — Garnet Venue Goes “Dark” as Dark Forces Intervene

8. TopazBy: Dan Voss
Co-Manager, STC/FTC Student Mentoring Program

One of the caverns in the “Mining for Knowledge” spelunking expedition was unexpectedly sealed off due to circumstances beyond the control of the event organizers and the venue host. Yellow police tape barred attendees from entrance to the abandoned Garnet mine, but other venue hosts rallied to the occasion and remained open when they were supposed to be “dark.”

Regrettably, the otherwise spectacularly successful event was diminished by the 11th hour loss of the Garnet Venue, where host W.C. Wiese was primed and ready to regale his audience with a riveting saga of an “International Multimedia Marketing” campaign in aerospace. But alas, it was not to be.

Just moments before the event got underway, Topaz Venue hostess Karen Lane received a call from Garnet Venue host W.C. Wiese, informing her that he was marooned in the middle of rain-swept University Boulevard with a disabled vehicle. By the time assistance arrived, it was too late for W.C. to make it to the progression at UCF.

“I was so angry! I was so pumped to give my Garnet venue presentation, and there I was standing in the rain in the middle of University Boulevard looking at my disabled vehicle,” W.C. lamented. “I had my laptop, I had my handouts, I had a camera to take pictures of smiling faces, and I was raring to go. Just my car wasn’t. I hope everyone learned a lot from our many excellent presenters.”

W.C.’s hopes were fulfilled. Although no garnets of international technical marketing knowledge were mined at the event, many diamonds, topazes, emeralds, amethysts, and aquamarines were.

And on the plus side, since W.C.’s dynamic presentation is turnkey-ready, there’s no doubt that sooner or later it will benefit those who missed it in February, whether at a chapter meeting program or at a future progression.

8. W.C. Wiese 2, Garnet Venue

8. W.C. Wiese 1, Garnet Venue
Here’s why the Garnet venue was dark at “Mining for Knowledge.”


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