If You Missed the Last Meeting

If You Missed the Last Meeting

By: R.D. Sharninghouse

On Thursday, August 20th, the Orlando Central Florida chapter of the STC held their monthly meeting at IHOP on University near UCF.

The meeting was what I would describe as an extension of the Leadership Day that was held in July. There was more discussion of the future of the chapter. How can the chapter survive the changes in the industry and community?

As of the meeting that night, there are high hopes for using IHOP’s meeting room. It seems to accommodate all of the chapter’s needs for monthly meetings. It is a prime location for UCF students that may be interested in attending/joining the STC.

The chapter website is going from an HTML site to a WordPress site.

The STC summit will be held in Orlando in 2018. The chapter would like to do something special for the event, but we are still working on ideas.

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