From the Editor’s Desk

From the Editor’s Desk

Nick Ducharme
Nick Ducharme

Welcome back, dear communicators.

Welcome to a new year of STC Orlando Central Florida and its newsletter, Memo to Members.

Welcome to the same tight-knit professional family that many have known and loved, with some exciting twists that are sure to draw fresh faces.

Welcome to a burgeoning partnership between STC Orlando Central Florida and a certain other entity, which we are sure will bring even more new event content to an even wider audience.

If you’ve been thinking of joining/rejoining the Society for Technical Communication, or even just learning what we are all about…

Now is the time.

OhAnd by “now,” I mean this Thursday evening, August 20th.
Chapter Year Kickoff, 2015.

The IHOP on University Boulevard.
Conveniently located near UCF.
Back room, booked just for us.
Breakfast options at dinner time.
Need I say more? Believe me: I can.

Attendance costs?! Zero! (Just plan on ordering a meal so we can keep the restaurant happy!)

The point:
What can STC Orlando Central Florida do for YOU? There’s only one way to find out!

Click here and RSVP now!

And, as always, enjoy the newsletter.
Nick Ducharme
Editor, Memo to Members

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