If You Missed the Last Meeting(s)

If You Missed the Last Meeting(s)

By: R.D. Sharninghouse
Orlando Central Florida Chapter, STC

Now the break is over, here are a couple of things that you may have missed…
In June, the Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC held its award ceremony at Sam Sneads in Maitland.


Our chapter received, for the ninth time, the Chapter of Distinction award, and also received the Pace Setter Award. The commemorative cake was not only beautiful, but delicious!



Tavia Record and Nick Ducharme received their first STC Active Member shirts! A very proud moment indeed!



Jon Kessler received an Active Member shirt but with a special edition “Webmaster” title included on the shirt! Congratulations to all of our active members on receiving your shirts and thank you for your participation and continued membership with the Orlando Central Florida STC!




Associate Fellow and former president of the Orlando Central Florida chapter, Mike Murray received a certificate of appreciation for his dedication as a member of the STC. Congratulations Mike Murray!




It was a wonderful night filled with camaraderie, another great moment in our chapter’s history book.
And then:


In July, the Orlando Central Florida chapter STC held its Leadership Day at the Golden Corral on International Drive. We also had members from the Sun Coast chapter, Kathleen D’ Adamo and Alexandra Cata-Ross, join us for the day.


We spent most of the time in the first half of the day talking about the future of the chapter and how to make it more appealing for non-members and current members. Meeting attendance has been up, but we need to focus on quality programs for our meetings to increase/maintain attendance. We have had better member retention due to a decrease in the loss of inactive members.


Many thoughts and ideas were tossed around while we enjoyed the wonderful buffet.


The second half of the day was mainly spent discussing the new CAA guidelines. As the nine-time Chapter of Distinction winner, the members of the Orlando Central Florida chapter STC have quite a challenge this time around.

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