Tales from Da Voice, or, Taking Care of Each Other

Mike Murray
Mike Murray

By: Mike Murray
Former Chapter President

The purpose of this blog is to share the physical and mental details of one man’s life (mine!) with the hope that if you are undergoing any of the physical and/or emotional symptoms as documented in the blog, you will share them with your healthcare professional immediately. The sooner a potential problem is identified, the better your chances of recovery. All of the maladies discussed in this blog represent my first-hand experiences.

Ultimately, I hope to open an international dialog between some of the readers who share one or more of these maladies. By sharing the ways they deal with these conditions, many others will benefit from their solutions. It is so very important to talk about your situation and not hide anything. Via this blog I hope you will find a friend with whom you can share empowering words that encourage you to take care of yourself, take pride in taking care of yourself, and get rid of any shame in having certain symptoms.

Again, these are just suggestions. Be sure to check with your healthcare professional before you make any change to your established healthcare plan.

Note: Anything and everything that you find in this blog reflects nobody’s opinion other than that of the author and contributing readers. Remember, this is only opinion. I am not a doctor. If something you read concerns you, be certain to see your primary care physician as soon as possible. This caveat is repeated on my Disclaimer page.


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