From the Editor’s Desk

From the Editor’s Desk

Nick Ducharme
Nick Ducharme

Greetings, fellow communicators,

It’s that time of year again. Happy March, happy springtime, and happy birthday (to me)! I will be turning one year older this Thursday the 19th, which also happens to coincide with another amazing event.

Drum roll please. . . .
Wait for it. . . .

It’s our chapter’s annual Employment Panel Discussion! Two experienced guest panelists, Kelli Pharo and Mark Wray, are going to share several tips on preparing for a career in the technical communication field. Come for some answers to your burning questions; stay for some of the cookie cake I’ll be adding to the refreshments table to celebrate my special day. Also, click here to RSVP and to learn more about the event.

Here are some of the highlights you can look forward to in this month’s Memo to Members:

  • A discussion about the similarities between technical writers and business analysts
  • A tool tip concerning a frequently-asked PDF question
  • A feature interview with an incoming international STC president, courtesy of our chapter’s new community blog, On the Record
  • A teaser for our newsletter’s introduction to an inspirational blog designed for people helping people, TALES FROM DA VOICE
  • Plus, so much more!

So, I won’t keep you any longer. Please read on and enjoy.

Nick Ducharme
Editor, Memo to Members

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