Blog Invitation

Blog Invitation

Mike Murray
Mike Murray

By: Karen Lane
Immediate Past President
Orlando Central Florida Chapter, STC


I am happy to bring you some information on behalf of our long-time member and former chapter president, Mike Murray.

You are invited to view a new blog that is designed for people helping people, taking care of one another. “TALES FROM DA VOICE” was conceived by Mike after Parkinson’s disease (PD) completely changed his life. Seemingly overnight, Mike, who describes himself as having been “fiercely independent,” had to make some major changes in his life’s plans and expectations.

The idea for “TALES FROM DA VOICE” arose from Mike’s efforts to deal with PD, ADD, cellulitis, anxiety, depression, surgeries, loss of his driving privileges, early retirement, and various other physical maladies and emotional challenges.

Sounds depressing? No, quite the opposite. Mike is all about can-do and work it through. An accomplished writer and inspirational speaker, Mike encourages everyone to read, digest, and buy into the premise that we can help each other.

If the blog speaks to you, speak to it. As you examine the blog, add your thoughts to the entries, or create your own new entries. Remember, you don’t have to limit yourself to the “possible topics.” If you are suffering from health issues and their consequent life issues, chances are someone in our rapidly growing international audience of followers has dealt with the same thing and may have some helpful input for you, too.

The new blog, “TALES FROM DA VOICE” will be appearing as a regular feature in Memo to Members. Mike encourages you to make it your go-to place for news, views, advice, and help on his story and yours, too.

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