If You Missed The Last Meeting…

If You Missed The Last Meeting…

Karen Lane

By Karen Lane
Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC






Chapter Honors New Associate Fellow

By Karen Lane

The Orlando Central Florida STC Chapter is fortunate—and unusual—in having several current members who over the years have attained honorary ranks in the Society. You may be surprised to learn that of the 67 technical communicators and retired technical communicators who are members of our chapter, two are Associate Fellows of the Society and seven are Fellows.

Our newest Associate Fellow, nominated in 2013 and confirmed by the Society Board in 2014, is Mike Murray. Many of you know Mike as Education Committee member (1998–2007), mentor (2003–2007), chapter vice president (2001–2002), president (2002–2005), and Director on the Board of Directors of the Society for Technical Communication (2006–2008). Actually, his list of accomplishments for STC, his impressive work record,  and his countless hours volunteering in the community all add up to a lifetime of service. Indeed, the list of his activities and credentials spans 25 pages.  Some of you may also remember that on May 20, 2014, Mike was awarded his Associate Fellow certificate at a ceremony during the Honors Banquet at the Technical Communication Summit in Phoenix, Arizona.

What didn’t happen at the Honors Banquet was the awarding of the Associate Fellow plaque. Members of the Orlando Central Florida STC Chapter decided to honor Mike at the December 11 Holiday Reunion at the Lake Mary Marriott. Chapter members David Coverston, Debra Johnson, Dan Jones, Karen Lane, WC Wiese, and Dan Voss  collaborated on acquiring the official Associate Fellow plaque for Mike to display in his home as a reminder of the esteem and appreciation of his colleagues and friends.

The plaque citation reads “For clarity of vision, strength of purpose, power of communication, and creativity in leadership that has gracefully guided and deeply enriched the profession, the Society, the Central Florida community, and all who call him friend.”

Associate Fellows

Lori Gillen

Mike Murray


Mark Hanigan

Dan Jones

Karen Lane

Jack Molisani

Gloria Reece

WC Wiese

Dan Voss

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