If You Missed The Last Meeting…

If You Missed The Last Meeting…

Mary Burns

By Mary Burns
Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC




If you missed last meeting….

You missed a lively and informal session over dinner at Perkins Restaurant on University Boulevard. Technical communicators Jen Juneau and Jen Selix presented on “Writing, Editing, and Making a Living in Online Publishing.”
Known for the evening as “Jen squared,” Jen and Jen both discovered the freelance work that they do now after losing traditional jobs. They shared the results of their trailblazing with an audience of 17. The discussion included how to channel opportunities to your inbox by using staffing agencies, local writing groups, social media, your personal Web site, and a few other intriguing Web resources. Some of us nine-to-fivers had never heard of E-lance, a site where you can bid on posted jobs and garner reviews, and Fiverr, where you can start small—the business model is “What will you do for $5?”
Look for the meeting handout on the STC Orlando site.

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