W. C. Wiese

by W.C. Wiese
Nominating Committee Chair
Orlando Chapter STC

Your Nominating Committee is proud to announce the following slate of officers for the 2013-2014 chapter year:


  • President: Debra Johnson
  • Vice President: Sarah Baca
  • Secretary: Mary Burns
  • Treasurer: Alex Garcia
  • Director-at-Large (Elect 2): David Coverston, Erika Higgins, Mark Wray

Elected officers will begin their terms at the end of June’s chapter meeting.

The ballot will be distributed in March to current chapter members via the Orlando Central Florida Chapter discussion list. Contact the Listserv Manager at
if you believe should be added to the list.

Members can submit ballots in three ways. You may bring the completed ballot to the April meeting, complete a ballot provided at the meeting, or submit your ballot by mail. (Mail ballots must use a double envelope – the sealed inside envelope protects voting privacy and should display your name, address, and STC membership number.) Mailed ballots must arrive by the date of the chapter meeting. The chapter’s mailing address is Post Office Box 540444, Orlando, FL 32854-0444.

Be sure to congratulate this year’s nominees and thank them for their willingness to serve the chapter!

(Good news for nominees – and the chapter. You don’t have to be present to win!)

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