March Meeting Recap

March Meeting Recap

Alexandra Engrand

By: Alexandra Engrand
Nominating Chair
Florida Chapter, STC

March’s meeting, held on March 22, was STC Florida’s Annual Employment Panel. Scott Dorsett, Jack Molisani, and Mark Wray provided an insider’s view of what HR managers look for when hiring new employees, including tips on two main topics: resumes and interviews. They discussed what you should put on a resume depending on your level of experience and what might be an appropriate length for a resume. Scott suggested keeping your resume to a single page if you are just starting out and do not have a lot of prior experience. However, if you have more past experiences that you might benefit from mentioning, you should consider a two-page resume to ensure you have room for everything. Our speakers also talked about how to answer certain questions you might encounter during an interview, such as the dreaded salary question or the even more dreaded “tell me about yourself” question. According to Jack, the answer is to turn the question back to your interviewer by asking them to give context to their question. This will allow you to determine what kind of answer they are looking for. Participants asked a lot of good questions and received a lot of insightful and informative answers. At the end of the event, there was a raffle giving away four prizes: two books, a voodoo doll, and free admission to Jack’s LavaCon convention in October.

Visit our website to see videos of our March meeting.

Our esteemed panelists! Special thanks to Mark Wray (on left), Scott Dorsett (center), and Jack Molisani (on right).

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