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Nick Ducharme

Nick Ducharme

Greetings, Technical Communicators of Central Florida (and beyond)!

Between my recent move out of my parents’ home and into my first apartment, and some exciting news from the chapter, I think it is fair to say that a lot is in flux at the moment.

On my end, there are so many boxes left to unpack; on yours, there is some important news to read just below.

Spoiler alert: Our chapter is expanding. In fact, we are going Pro-Internet and Pan-Florida!


Please make sure to read Dan Voss’ article below about our upcoming meeting on Thursday, September 17th. We are offering a presentation by an excellent, much-loved speaker to all Floridian Technical Communication enthusiasts, and free of charge, at that!*



*In-person attendees will need to order from the inexpensive menu of the International House of Pancakes on University Boulevard. There is no attendance fee for face-to-face or virtual attendees. I’d say it’s a pretty unbeatable deal, even if I am a little biased. 🙂


Best Wishes,

Nick Ducharme
Editor, Memo to Members

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