Washlines XVIII Mini-Conference Matrix

Washlines XVIII: Chicago, My Kind of Town!

Mini-Conference Program

Tuesday, August 21, 6:30-9:00 p.m., Winter Park Civic Center

R1 = Rotation 1 (7:25-7:50) R2 = Rotation 2 (7:50-8:15) R3 = Rotation 3 (8:15-8:40)
C = Closed
O = Open
S = Special rotation at Tan venue: community awards, conference photos, chapter history. Black venue is dark.

M = Special rotation at Red venue: student mentoring programs. Purple venue is dark.


Venue Theme Host R1 R2 R3 Topics and Original Presenter(s) Color
Karen Lane O S O
  • “Surfing the Perfect Storm” (Tristan Bishop)
  • “Using YouTube Videos to Enhance Traditional Documentation” (Fer O’Neil & Ben
  • “Goodbye, Arial and Verdana. Hello, Web Fonts! ” (Michael Opsteegh)
  • “A Pleasure Doing Business” (Stephen Anderson)
The “Chicago Dog” Debra Johnson C O O
  • “Content Strategy and Management” (Karen McGrane and Jeff Eaton)
The Field
Museum of Natural
W.C. Wiese O S O
  • Certification Update
  • “Plain Language for the Technical Writer” (Bruce Poropat)
  • “Publishing in a New Media Landscape” (Liz Pohland)
  • “What Should Technical Communicators Do When Products Just Work?” (Ellis Pratt)
“Chicago Firsts” Alicia Kerns C O O
  • “How Personality Type Affects Negotiating Style and Tone ” (Mary Knepper, Chance Longo)
  • “Virtual vs. Local Teams – Communication Success and Failure” (Kathleen Moore)
Black and yellow
“All that Jazz” Bethany Bowles O O M
  • “Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content” (Karen McGrane)
  • “Why Technical Editors are Still Relevant” (panel of six presenters)
  • “Pattern Recognition for Technical Communicators” (Kai Weber)
“Just Blew in from the Windy City” Sarah Baca O O C
  • “Bullet-Proofing Your Career Online” (Ben Woelk, Hannah Morgan)
  • “How Writers Can Thrive in an Agile Software Environment” (Gavin Austin)
  • “Greatly Exceeds Expectations” (Karen Mulholland)
  • “Excellence: No Drama” (Karen Mulholland)
Light blue
The Night
Chicago Died
“Capone” Voss
  • “Global English Skills” (John R. Kohl)
  • “Publishing in a New Media Landscape” (Liz Pohland)
Total 7 Presenters, 7 Venues 5/2* 6/1* 5/2* 22 Mini-Presentations Rainbow

* Rotation 1 = 5 venues open, 2 “dark.” Rotation 2 = 6 open, 1 dark. Rotation 3 = 5 open, 2 dark.

For a printable PDF version of this program, CLICK HERE


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