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Hello everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season!  This month’s “From The Editor’s Desk” covers membership or renewing your membership through, as well as January and February meetings for the Orlando chapter STC.

If you haven’t already done so, there is still time to renew your STC membership.


As a classic member, you’ll receive the list below at no extra cost. For even more offerings, consider the Gold Value Package.

  • Members-only discounts on education and our annual Summit
  • Access to over 140 free, on-demand webinars
  • 14-day advance access to the newest employment opportunities available in the STC Job Bank
  • A copy of STC’s Salary Database, containing the most up-to-date information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on what technical communicators are earning
  • Online access to industry-leading publications Intercom and Technical Communication
  • Access to the members-only sections of the STC website, including the community leadership resources, the STC Member Directory, and more
  • An affinity program that provides discounts on software, products, and services
  • Professional support through our global network of over 6,000 professionals

Please go to our benefits page for more about STC member benefits.


Current membership dues rates effective 15 September-28 February 2015

Membership Category Included in Membership Current Dues** Adjusted Dues
(See List of Eligible Countries)
Classic Membership
  • Online Publications
  • Free On-Demand Webinars
  • Salary Database
  • Job Bank
  • $225
  • Add $25 per chapter
  • Add $10 per SIG
  • $50
  • Add $10 per chapter
  • Add $5 per SIG
Gold Value Package
(available only until 31 May)
  • Classic Membership Benefits
  • 1 Chapter
  • All selected SIGs
  • 5 Live Webinars
  • 20% off Online Courses
  • Summit Early Bird Pricing Anytime
  • A print subscription toIntercom
    (introduced June 2014)
       $425          $425
New TC Professional
(graduated within past three years)
  • Classic Membership Benefits
  • 1 Chapter
  • 1 SIG
       $160          $160
Student Membership
  • Classic Membership Benefits
  • 1 Student Chapter
  • 1 Professional Chapter
  • Academic SIG
  • 1 Other SIG
        $75           $25
Retired Membership
(contact Membership Dept. for eligibility)
  • Classic Membership Benefits
  • 1 Chapter
  • 1 SIG
       $145          $145

Download a PDF application here.

View dues schedule here.

There is a $30 enrollment fee for new membership.

Members may add the following a la carte menu items:

  • $25 per chapter (emerging nations: $10)
  • $10 per SIG (emerging nations: $5)
  • $60 for printed copies of Intercom*
  • $75 for printed copies of Technical Communication*

* Includes U.S. postage. International postage rate.for Intercom is $25 for Canada and $45 for other countries. For Technical Communication, international rate is $20 for Canada and $40 for other countries.


Once you have established membership, please join us for our monthly meetings.  Here are our first two meetings of the new year…


Thursday, January 15, 6:30pm at the Winter Park Civic Center. 6:30 networking and light supper; 7:00 program. Program to be announced. Admission: Student members $5; Student non-members $10; Regular members $15; Non-members $20. First-timers free.


Thursday, February 12, 6:30pm at UCF Student Union. 6:30 networking and light supper, 7:00 program – Guest Speaker. Admission free to all.


Membership to the STC is a great networking and educational tool that I urge all of you to use.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday season!

Thank you,

R.D. Sharninghouse
Secretary and Editor, Memo 2 Members Newsletter

A View From Number Two

*Editor’s note; the article below was intended to be released prior to the December 11th dinner at the Lake Mary Marriott.  Myself, the Editor-in-Chief, take full responsibility for the article’s delayed publication date.


Mary Burns

By Mary Burns
Vice President
Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC




The View from Number 2

With all its food, fun, and festivity, the holiday season just wouldn’t be complete without a little bah-humbug. Every year I cozy up with Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol and enjoy anew the journey of Ebenezer Scrooge with the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.

On the technical communication front, hopefully no grueling release or freezing AC has us hunched at our desks like hapless clerk Bob Cratchit. A more relaxed pace at the office may enable even editors (we Scrooges of the TC world) to visit the past, present, and future of our careers, turning our thoughts to lessons learned, new strategies, and old friends in the profession.

It’s the perfect time to attend this month’s meeting at the Lake Mary Marriott—our chapter’s traditional holiday celebration and annual reunion. We’ve got a great venue, menu, and door prizes. I hope to see you there!

If You Missed The Last Meeting…in November

If You Missed The Last Meeting…in November

In November, guest speaker, Karla Kitalong gave a presentation covering usability.  Professor Kitalong covered the 5 basic design principles:

  • Learnable; is it easy for the user to accomplish basic tasks?
  • Memorable; how easy can the user re-establish proficiency?
  • Efficient; how fast can the user complete their tasks?
  • Error-handling; how well does the interface prevent errors or help the user recover from those that occur?
  • Satisfying; is the usability of the interface pleasant or satisfying?


What I found interesting was the question concerning efficiency.  What is efficient?  Establishing the very definition of what is or is not efficient can solve problems in usability.  As basic as the presentation might have been it made me understand once again just how important every little detail is when it comes to technical communication.

You can contact Professor Karla Kitalong at

R.D. Sharninghouse
Secretary and Editor, Memo 2 Members Newsletter

If You Missed The Last Meeting…in December

Earlier this month The Orlando chapter STC held its Holiday Reunion Dinner at the Lake Mary Marriott.  A belated award presentation was held for Mike Murray.



Karen Lane

By Karen Lane
Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC






Chapter Honors New Associate Fellow

By Karen Lane

The Orlando Central Florida STC Chapter is fortunate—and unusual—in having several current members who over the years have attained honorary ranks in the Society. You may be surprised to learn that of the 67 technical communicators and retired technical communicators who are members of our chapter, two are Associate Fellows of the Society and seven are Fellows.

Our newest Associate Fellow, nominated in 2013 and confirmed by the Society Board in 2014, is Mike Murray. Many of you know Mike as Education Committee member (1998–2007), mentor (2003–2007), chapter vice president (2001–2002), president (2002–2005), and Director on the Board of Directors of the Society for Technical Communication (2006–2008). Actually, his list of accomplishments for STC, his impressive work record,  and his countless hours volunteering in the community all add up to a lifetime of service. Indeed, the list of his activities and credentials spans 25 pages.  Some of you may also remember that on May 20, 2014, Mike was awarded his Associate Fellow certificate at a ceremony during the Honors Banquet at the Technical Communication Summit in Phoenix, Arizona.

What didn’t happen at the Honors Banquet was the awarding of the Associate Fellow plaque. Members of the Orlando Central Florida STC Chapter decided to honor Mike at the December 11 Holiday Reunion at the Lake Mary Marriott. Chapter members David Coverston, Debra Johnson, Dan Jones, Karen Lane, WC Wiese, and Dan Voss  collaborated on acquiring the official Associate Fellow plaque for Mike to display in his home as a reminder of the esteem and appreciation of his colleagues and friends.

The plaque citation reads “For clarity of vision, strength of purpose, power of communication, and creativity in leadership that has gracefully guided and deeply enriched the profession, the Society, the Central Florida community, and all who call him friend.”

Associate Fellows

Lori Gillen

Mike Murray


Mark Hanigan

Dan Jones

Karen Lane

Jack Molisani

Gloria Reece

WC Wiese

Dan Voss


Organizational Comparisons

How We Measure Up

by Jordie Rutledge

Perhaps you were wondering where STC stands in comparison to other professional organizations in related areas. Well, we’re probably just where we should be in our membership pricing and way above in our membership value. The descriptions and chart in this article give you a comparison of some various organizations in which you might be interested.

American Society for Indexing (ASI)

About: ASI is a nonprofit organization founded to increase awareness of the value of well-written indexes. Members range from indexers to librarians, editors, publishes, technical writers, researches, and more.

Mission: “We advocate, educate, and provide the central resource for indexing.”

Local Chapters Available: Southeast Chapter (


  • Discounts on publications, conferences, and workshops.
  • Affiliated with the Society for Technical Communication (STC).
  • Option to market business through ASI Membership Directory.
  • Discount rates to annual conference.
  • Subscription to Key Words: The Bulletin of the American Society for Indexing.


Association for Talent Development (ATD)

About: ATD’s primary focus is professional development by providing researching, analysis, online information and more. ATD also brings professionals together through conferences, workshops, and virtual communities.

Mission: “Empower professionals to develop knowledge and skills successfully.”

Local Chapters Available: Central Florida Chapter (


  • Subscription to T+D magazine and one issue of TD at Work.
  • Access to premium content in up to four key interest areas.
  • One e-book per year.
  • Access to webcasts, whitepapers, State of the Industry report, and career resources.
  • Discounts to ATD Conferences and certificate programs.


Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP)

About: ABPMP is a nonprofit organization focused on the advancement of business process management concepts and practices. They provide events for members to continue their own education and to share best practices and new ideas with fellow members.

Mission: “The mission of ABPMP International is: to engage in activities that advance the practice of business process management, to promote and evolve a Common Body of Knowledge in this field, to foster the development and advancement of the skills and competencies of the professionals who work in this discipline, to validate the professional qualifications and certify BPM practitioners.”

Local Chapters Available: Tampa Chapter (


  • Free copy of BPM Common Body of Knowledge.
  • Discount to conferences, training, products, and services.
  • Access to more areas of the website (depends on membership level).
  • Option to attend special professionals events


IEEE Professional Communication Society

About: IEEE is a professional association focused on technological innovation. It has thirty-eight societies that divide IEEE amongst a wide range of technical interests, the Professional Communication Society (PCS) being one of them.

Mission: “To foster a community dedicated to understanding and promoting effective communication in engineering, scientific, and other technical environments.”

Local Chapters Available: IEEE Orlando Section (


  • Access to the IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication quarterly journal.
  • Training podcasts.
  • Discount to annual International Processional Communication Conference.


International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI)

About: ISPI is an organization focused on the performance improvement of workers in order to increase competitiveness. Their goal is to help members give something back to their profession though the successful alignment of the work, the worker, and the workplace.

Mission: “ISPI and its members use evidence-based performance improvement research and practices to effect sustainable, measurable results and add value to stakeholders in the private, public, and social sectors.”

Local Chapters Available: Central Florida Chapter (


  • Access to online community.
  • Access to over two dozen recorded webinars.
  • Job bank and career services.
  • Subscriptions to several publications including PerformanceXpress, Performance Improvement journal, and the weekly Performance Digest.


Society for Technical Communication (STC)

About: STC is the largest and oldest professional organization focused specifically on the technical communication industry. It is there to provide members with the latest information and tools needed to advance in their practice.

Mission: “The Society for Technical Communication advances technical communication as the discipline of transforming complex information into usable content for products, processes, and services.”

Local Chapters Available: Orlando Central Florida Chapter (


  • Access to online publications including Intercom, Technical Communication, and TechComm Today.
  • Access to the online salary database.
  • Access to job bank—members get a 14-day advance to new postings.
  • Free on-demand seminars as well as live web seminars.
  • Online courses available where participants can earn a certificate of completion.
  • Mentorship program available to student members.


User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA)

About: UXPA is an organization meant to bring together professionals from a wide range of backgrounds who research, design, and evaluate user experience of products and services. Their main goal is to create better services, products, and working through usability.

Mission: “The User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) supports people who research, design, and evaluate the user experience of products and services.”

Local Chapters Available: UPAX Central Florida (


  • Access to salary survey
  • Access to mentorship program
  • Discounts to partner organization events
  • Discounts on some user experience products and services

Yearly Dues for Professional Communication Organizations

Organization Regular Student Young Professional/
Recent Graduate
American Society for Indexing (ASI) $175 N/A N/A N/A
Association for Talent Development (ATD) $229 $75 $199(Age 30 or younger) $90
Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP) $150 $40 N/A N/A
IEEE Professional Communication Society $224($193 IEEE dues + $31 society level dues) $48($32 IEEE dues + $16 society level dues) N/A N/A
International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) $195 $95 $75(Age 25 or younger) $95
Society for Technical Communication (STC) $250($225 STC dues + $25 chapter level dues) $75 $160(Graduated within past 3 years) $145
User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) $69(Or $139 for more benefits) $35 N/A N/A



In Other News…


Karen Lane

By Karen Lane
Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC






And in Other News…

The technical communication community has a new “crop” of UCF graduates this month.

The following students graduated with a BA in English—Technical Communication:

Katrina Botero

*Daniela Corteo (2013–2014 mentee [Erika Higgins, mentor])

Cori Amon Elise Cunningham

*Nicholas Joseph Ducharme (2013–2014 mentee [Alex Garcia, mentor])

Tahler Elyse Foreman

Claudia Maria Gonzalez

Matthew Ryan Howard

Suzanne Dorka Jean-Baptiste

Gina Stokes Madrigal

Kimberly Ann Maltby

Jennifer Claire Maricle

Scott Allen Minkoff

Jordan Ashly Rutledge (2014–2015 mentee [Karen Lane, mentor]; 2014 FTC President)

Alyssa Rose Schulte

Jacques Andre Turner

Megan Elizabeth Wedge (2012–2013 mentee [Jen Selix, mentor]

* denotes Orlando Central Florida STC Chapter member

The following students graduated with a MA in English—Technical Communication:

*Cory Bullinger (2012–2013 mentee [W.C. Wiese, mentor]; 2013–2014 FTC President; 2013 graduate-level Pellegrin Scholarship)

*Robert Florstedt

Bryce J. Jackson

*Britni Moore

Shannon Marie O’Donoghue

*James Vincent Vrhovac  (2010–2011 mentee [Jerry Baca, mentor]; 2014 graduate-level Pellegrin Scholarship)

* denotes Orlando Central Florida STC Chapter member

New graduate Jordie Rutledge has another accomplishment to her name. In addition to earning her BA degree, she was awarded the prestigious Stuart Omans Excellence Award in Technical Communication, presented to one graduating Tech Comm major per term.

Congratulations, all!