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Hello friends and members of the Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC.

It’s that time of year again: Washlines XIX is upon us.

What is Washlines?
Some of our Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC peers traveled to the STC Summit in Atlanta, listened to informative lectures about various Technical Communication topics–some presented–and now they are bringing the Summit back to Orlando.

When is Washlines?
Thursday August 22, 2013
6:30 PM Networking and Refreshments
7:00 PM Program

Where is Washlines?

Wyndham Vacation Ownership Corporate Office (Former Harcourt Building)  6277 Sea Harbor Drive Orlando, FL 32821

Wyndham Vacation Ownership Corporate Office
(Former Harcourt Building)
6277 Sea Harbor Drive
Orlando, FL 32821

Wyndham Vacation Ownership Corporate Office
6277 Sea Harbor Drive Orlando FL 32821 (former Harcourt building)

PARKING: Park in the garage. Check in with security. Please bring your printed ticket with you to show at the door! For questions, email VP – Sarah Baca –



How Much is Washlines?

  • Students who are Orlando Chapter STC members: $5.00
  • Students who are not Orlando Chapter STC members: $10.00
  • Non-Students who are Orlando Chapter STC members: $10.00
  • All others: $20.00

How Do I RSVP?
Click Here To RSVP
We hope to see you there!

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Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC

Come To Washlines XIX– “Atlanta, Style Is A Varsity Sport”

Dan Voss

What’ll Ya Have?

Join the Varsity Line-Up… Don’t Miss Washlines XIX, Atlanta Style
A Colorful Mini-Conference in a Lively Progression Format
By Dan Voss
 What'll Ya Have_Image 1
Can you believe this is the 19th time our August Washlines meeting has raised the curtain on the chapter year with a cornucopia of mini-presentations drawn from the STC international conference in the spring.
If you’re nostalgic, you’ll enjoy the blog post about Washlines in the community-to-community blog in “STC Notebook” on the Society’s web page.
In keeping with tradition, the conference theme, as well as the themes of the six “venues” (a.k.a., progression tables) is tied to the site of STC conference in May—Atlanta. The Varsity is the Peach City’s famous multi-level diner with a wide menu of tasty delights. Fitting indeed, in that the menu of information at Washlines XIX offers a buffet of knowledge.
So mark your calendars and be sure to be at Wyndham Vacation Ownership Corporate Office on Thursday, August 22, at 6:30 p.m. to partake in the fun and the sharing of information—not to mention cleverly themed refreshments like pecan candies, peaches and cream, goldfish crackers (Atlanta Aquarium), real ball-park hot dogs (Atlanta Braves), and, of course, plenty of Coke and Coke products.
Following the usual social networking time and a brief business meeting, six chapter members who attended the 60thannual international STC conference will bring you a full-blown mini-conference that is a cross between a progression and a street festival.
The format simulates a realistic conference experience—including the challenge of selecting the sessions you attend from an abundance of fascinating and informational alternatives.
Six Atlanta-themed progression tables will offer you the opportunity to choose from 14 mini-presentations covering a wide range of subject areas within technical communication (see box).
Colorful signs dangling from the traditional washline will “hawk” the informational treasures to be found at the six venues. You can find your venues either by recognizing the venue hosts or by zeroing in on the appropriate color-coded balloons. If the host is not there, that means the venue is closed for that rotation.
The complete program is published in this edition of Memo to Members or you can click here 2013_08_Washlines XIX Program.  A printed handout will also be available at the event.  A word of warning, however—choose now (with first and second choices for each rotation), because the mini-conference, just like the real thing, will fly past you at a dizzying pace.
Four venues will be open in each of three 25-minute rotations; two will be “dark” (closed), thereby allowing the table hosts to take a break and attend one rotation at another venue so they can acquire as well as share conference information.
In addition to choosing which three venues you are going to visit, you will also be faced with 2 to 3 choices of topics at the tables. The process is interactive; table hosts survey their audience to determine if there is 1 topic the audience would like to focus on with detailed treatment, or if they prefer a shorter survey of 2 or even 3 topics. Each rotation at each venue is different, but that’s all part of the fun!
A special thank you goes to Jack Molisani, who is making the long trek down from Jacksonville to give us the “real thing”—excerpts from the 2 sessions he presented in Atlanta last May.
Without any doubt, Washlines XIX has something for everybody!
Your table hosts will be competing vigorously for your attendance by offering not only information, experience, and handouts, but also a wide range of trinkets, goodies, and other bribes to lure you unabashedly to their venues.

We literally do not know exactly what will happen at Washlines XIX until it happens (just as in the previous 18Washlines sessions), but we do know this—it will be richly varied, vastly informative, thoroughly entertaining, probably quite loud, and unquestionably a whole lot of fun!

Topics at Washlines XIX
Social Media and Documentation
The Future of Technical Communication
Using Foreign Accents in Localization
Information Architecture
Content Strategy
Global English
Simplified Technical English
Careers: Personal Branding
 Career Lessons (from a Ginsu Knife Salesman)
TC Body of Knowledge 
Tips from Journal Editors
User Experience in Gamified Products
Every Page is Page One
Building a Web Referral Machine
Conference Notes (Posted to Chapter Web Site)

Washlines XIX Mini-Conference Matrix

Washlines XIX: Program Matrix, Final 

Thursday, August 22, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Wyndham Vacation Ownership Corporate Office 

What’ll Ya Have? Washlines XIX Atlanta-Style is a Varsity Sport

R1 = Rotation 1 (7:25-7:50)     R2 = Rotation 2 (7:50-8:15)     R3 = Rotation 3 (8:15-8:40)     X = Closed        Ö = Open


Venue Theme





Topics and Original Presenter(s)


Coca Cola Karen Lane Ö Ö X
  • “Social Media and Documentation: Why Should You Care” (Jennifer White, MadCap Software)
  • “The Future of Technical Communication is Here – Are You Ready for It?” (Kapil Verma, Adobe)
  • “Using Foreign-Accented Speech: To Localize or Not?” (Halycon Lawrence, Illinois Institute of Technology)
Atlanta Braves Debra Johnson X Ö Ö
  • “Information Architecture Boot Camp” (Andrea L. Ames and Alyson Riley)
  • “From Technical Writer to Content Strategist” (Alan J. Porter)
Navy Blue
The Peach City Dan  Voss Ö Ö X
  • “Global English Skills” (John R. Kohl, SAS Institute, 59th STC conference)
  • “There’s Nothing Simple about Simplified Technical English” (Bernie Koontz, Lycoming Engines, 60th STC conference)
Downtown Atlanta Jack Molisani Ö X Ö
  • “Ask Me About … Career Advancement Through Personal Branding” (Jack Molisani)
  • “Seven Career Lessons I Learned from Selling Ginsu Knives” (Jack Molisani)
MARTA Bethany Bowles Ö X Ö
  • “Re-animating the TC Body of Knowledge: TC BOK” (Hillary Hart, Liz Pohland, Craig Baehr, and Joel Kline)
  • “Meet the Editors of the STC Journals (and Others)” (Liz Pohland, Michael Alberts, Saul Carliner, Menno de Jong, Jim Dubinsky,  Joe Dumas, Miles Kimball, and Kirk St. Amant)
Georgia Aquarium W.C. Wiese X Ö Ö
  • “Every Page Is Page One” (Mark Baker)
  • “Creating User Experience for Gamified Products” (Marta Rauch)
  • “How to Build a (Web) Referral Machine” (Donte Ormsby)
Total 6 Presenters6 Venues 4Ö,

14  Mini-Presentations