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Alex Garcia

Alex Garcia

Hello Members and Friends of the Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC,

March is here and that means UCF Technical Communication students are not only recovering from a totally wholesome Spring Break, they are getting their paperwork together to apply for the Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC Melissa Pellegrin Memorial Scholarship. The application form can be found at Deadline is March 29, 2013.

Below, you will find testimonials from past scholarship recipients. These statements are truly a testament to the prestige this award has attained in the page 16 years.

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Until next month,

Alex Garcia
Memo to Members Newsletter
Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC

Comments from Recipients
of a Melissa Pellegrin Memorial Scholarship

“I was truly honored to be one of the earliest Melissa Pellegrin Memorial Scholarship recipients and to be included in a long line of outstanding technical communicators by the Society of Technical Communication. It was awarded at a point that validated my career choice as a technical writer.”

“Currently, my certificate hangs on my office wall adjacent to my UCF diploma in recognition of my accomplishments.”

Sharon K. Wissert
Pellegrin Scholarship 1997

“At the time I received the Pellegrin Scholarship, I was in much need of the scholarship money. I was a single mom who quit her job to finish college full time. Not only did the scholarship help with my living expenses, but the honor of being a Pellegrin Scholarship recipient assisted me in establishing great professional relationships that enabled me to further my career.”

Ann K. Vogt
Pellegrin Scholarship 1997

“Receiving the Melissa Pellegrin scholarship was both an encouragement and an honor. The fact that I was chosen to receive a scholarship bearing Melissa’s name meant a lot to me because I knew from others that she was a diligent, professional, caring person. Being recognized and honored in a tangible way for my hard work as a student encouraged me to continue with the technical writing program at UCF.”

“My current professional role is that of a part-time freelancer—most recently testing K-6 mathematics software. My professional role is part-time now so that I may devote as much time as possible to my new full-time, personal role of ‘Mommy’ to my 16-month-old son.”

Michele Damron
Pellegrin Scholarship 1997

“I was truly honored to be among the first recipients of the Melissa Pelligrin scholarship. Receiving the award seemed validating, as I worked hard for my master’s in technical writing during a difficult personal period. The recognition, and yes, the money, came at a much-needed time. Also, I was acquainted with Melissa and knew what an exemplary student, and later, professional, she was. To receive an award in her name was really meaningful.”

“Even back then, I suspected I would use my master’s in a ‘non-traditional’ setting and indeed have spent the last six years doing administrative work at UCF. For several years when I taught writing courses and directed an advising office, I enjoyed introducing many students to technical writing. In my current position, I spend most of my time writing, primarily policies and procedures. My colleagues have come to appreciate the skill set a technical writer can bring to administration, and I’ve been able to connect them with technical writing students to work on various campus projects. Currently, I’m at work on a doctorate in Higher Education Administration, where I spend lots of time … writing.”

Melanie Woods
Assistant to the Vice Provost, Regional Campuses
University of Central Florida
Pellegrin Scholarship 1997

“The Pellegrin scholarship meant a lot to me. It was not only helpful towards funding my education, for which I am extremely grateful, it was also meaningful to me because it came from STC. I have always valued my membership and participation in STC, and to be recognized by such a group was both flattering and encouraging. I will never forget the charity and recognition bestowed upon me by the Pellegrin family and the members of the STC Orlando chapter.”

“Currently, I work in Maitland as a Technical Editor II with PBS&J, an engineering and planning firm, in its aviation division. My husband and I plan to adopt a baby from Russia this summer, at which time my company has agreed to let me work part-time from home. As a side note—I really miss school, and would LOVE to go back some day.”

Kelli (Cooper) Pharo
Technical Editor II
Pellegrin Scholarship 1998

“For me, winning the Melissa Pellegrin scholarship was a validation that I had chosen the right path. After receiving my bachelor’s degree in creative writing and having spent a lifetime telling myself I was not technical in the least, I was more than a little apprehensive about pursuing a graduate degree in technical writing. During my first year in the program, though, I found myself thoroughly interested in the subject matter and was excelling in my courses; my confidence in my ability to become an effective technical communicator grew, and receiving the award was a much-needed confirmation that others had that same confidence in me. The knowledge and support I received at UCF, the Melissa Pellegrin scholarship -— all of it helped turn me into the person who now, 6 years later, is excelling at a position in FedEx’s information technology division. In my job there are not a lot of people with non-computer science degrees, and I’m very appreciative of all that it took to build my confidence to the point that I feel I am on par with the techies :)”

Anna Gaal
Senior Business Application Analyst
FedEx Corporate Services
Pellegrin Scholarship 1998

“… being presented with such an award that holds so much esteem was one of my most distinguished academic accomplishments. As I move forward in my career, I can always present the fact that I was the recipient of a well-respected academic accolade that venerates and congratulates students with talent, focus, and a commitment to their craft. I am privileged to have been one of these fine recipients and hope that in the years to come, future students with that marked distinction of brilliant talent, intrepid focus, and relentless commitment to the art of writing will always be acknowledged through the Melissa Pellegrin Scholarship Fund.”

Mireille Shebbein
Technical Writer
The Hartford Group Benefits
Pellegrin Scholarship 2000

“I was honored to receive the Melissa Pellegrin graduate scholarship in 2000. This scholarship helped me through a particularly rough time as I was at the time working two part-time jobs and finishing two degrees from UCF. The funds provided by the Pellegrin scholarship allowed me to purchase books and supplies necessary for my classes, and allowed me to take some time away from work to complete my thesis. I am very grateful to Melissa’s parents for their generosity, to the STC Education Committee for selecting me from among many deserving students, and to UCF’s Technical Writing faculty for nominating me for this award.”

Rudy McDaniel
Computer Specialist, UCF, and T7T Doctoral Student
Pellegrin Scholarship 2000

“Throughout high school, and even the first two years of college, I often struggled with my courses and certainly did not receive any awards or scholarships. However, the semester I began my technical writing courses at the University of Central Florida, I felt a new willingness and excitement to learn and develop my writing and communication skills. This newly found interest in my coursework was also reflected in my grades, helping me to realize that this field might one day become a career where I could be successful and enjoy my tasks.”

“Receiving the Melissa Pellegrin Scholarship at that point in my life was perfect because it motivated me to grow and develop my skills in the professional world, despite the obstacles. It was also wonderful to share the news with my parents and friends who saw me struggle with paying for school and the frustration with earlier classes. Knowing that I was selected by a panel of professionals provided me with confidence and pride in my work as well as anticipation for what the future may hold.”

“This is a very prestigious award at UCF. I am honored to be a recipient of this award and hope that it continues to inspire students to see what the technical communication field has to offer.”

Christina Payne
Technical Writer
(Marketing writing for information technology (IT) products)
Lockheed Martin
Enterprise Information Systems
Orlando, Florida
Pellegrin Scholarship 2001

“After a last-minute change of heart, I veered away from … English Literature and instead enrolled in the technical writing graduate program at UCF. I had no tech writing experience, and I had only ever used a computer to write my English essays. So from the start, I always felt that I had to work really hard just to try to ‘catch up’ to the other students and keep pace. Two students who especially influenced me while I was in the program were Anna Gaal and Rudy McDaniel, both of whom are Pellegrin scholarship winners. They set a very high standard for their fellow students, and I learned a lot from just being around them and seeing the work they produced. When I found out that I had been awarded the Melissa Pellegin scholarship, I was at first humbled to be included such company. But at the same time, that was the moment when I first looked back and realized how far I’d come. And that was the moment when I first began to really think of myself as a technical writer. So the scholarship has helped me immensely—it signaled to me that I was on the right track and gave me the confidence I needed to keep working and learning.”

Jason Nichols
Technical Writer
Pellegrin Scholarship 2001

“While the Melissa Pellegrin Scholarship helped me pay for summer tuition, the true value in receiving this award runs much deeper -— it is representative of quality and excellence in technical writing, and I am honored to have received it. As many UCF students know, Melissa embodied every positive characteristic a technical writer could aspire to have. In her honor, I will strive to carry on this legacy of excellence.”

Bonnie Spivey
Editor/Technical Writer
Walt Disney World
Information Technology – IT Documentation Team
Pellegrin Scholarship 2003

“When I received the Melissa Pellegrin scholarship I found it motivating to be recognized within my field. This award symbolizes excellence in technical communication, and it offers assurance to prospective employers that I am capable of high-quality work. But this award is special because it is a memorial for Melissa Pellegrin, a young technical communicator much like those of us who have received the award. The recipients of the award are chosen by local professionals, many of whom knew Melissa, so they are highly selective. I am honored to have received the award.”

Cindy Hauptner
Future Doctoral Program Candidate
Pellegrin Scholarship 2003

“The Melissa Pellegrin Memorial Scholarship is more than simply a certificate and check. It is a symbol of excellence in honor of an excellent technical communicator. I am proud to be one of the few recipients of this scholarship.”

Bob Stultz
Future Law School Candidate
Pellegrin Scholarship 2003

“It’s a great honor to receive the award and to be able to carry on Melissa’s tradition. I know that only very talented students are selected, and I am proud to be considered one of their number.”

Melanie Trickey
Graduating Senior
Pellegrin Scholarship 2004

I feel honored to receive this prestigious scholarship. To be selected by professionals in the field and receive recognition for my hard work, inspires me and gives me confidence in my abilities. It motivates me to push myself to excel so I can continue the tradition of excellence set by Melissa Pellegrin.

Peggy Bivins
Pellegrin Scholarship 2005

It is an honor to be among the recipients of such a special award. The Melissa Pellegrin Scholarship is a testament to the close bond that exists between Orlando-STC and the University of Central Florida. This scholarship will help me get to my technical writing summer internship at Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp in Boulder, Colorado.

Alex Garcia
Pellegrin Scholarship 2005

For me, STC Orlando helped bridge the gap between school and work. As a graduate student without a background in technical writing, I gained practical experience from the workshops, lectures, job fairs, and other services that STC provided. The culmination of this professional, academic, and personal support was being awarded the Melissa Pellegrin Scholarship. The scholarship allowed me to focus on career and academic development. Receiving this honor made me feel for the first time like I was a member of the technical writing community – a society in which one’s contributions are embraced, amplified, and celebrated.

Carrie Avery Blaustein
Scientific Editor
University of Florida
Pellegrin Scholarship 2005

This year (my junior year) of college, I have become highly immersed in the world of technical writing. Not only am I actively involved throughout the organizations, but I am also heavily promoting the major for the future students of the program. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my wisdom, and serve as an example, for many students who are unsure about the direction of their college education.

Most of all – this scholarship is recognition for my hard workout through school, work, FTC, and STC. It is acknowledgement that my contributions to all facets of technical writing do not go unnoticed. Considering the list of previous winners, it is an honor to be considered among them.

Rachel Eichen
Pellegrin Scholarship 2006

To me, the scholarship serves a dual purpose: it is a way to honor Melissa Pellegrin’s memory and a source of fuel for my future.

Jen Juneau
Pellegrin Scholarship 2006

I feel privileged and accomplished to receive the Melissa Pellegrin Scholarship for 2006. This award transcends the recognition and monetary value because I believe in the technical communication profession and am honored to be affiliated with all of the predecessors who exemplify Melissa’s caliber. I am proud to represent the STC, UCF and the Central Florida technical writing community.

Heather Stearns
Pellegrin Scholarship 2006

When I began college I wasn’t even sure what wanted to do, but once I chose technical writing, I decided to give it my best efforts. Receiving this scholarship is an honor that recognizes and validates my efforts in school. But more importantly, receiving this award encourages me to continue what I’ve begun with the hope that some day soon I can start to return the favor to the technical communication community. I am extremely thankful to receive this honor and encouragement.

Daniel Beck
Pellegrin Scholarship 2007

Since the announcement of my name as a recipient of the Melissa Pellegrin Memorial Scholarship, I have felt an even deeper amount of positive reinforcement and professional encouragement from my fellow chapter members than I did at my first STC meeting. It is no surprise to me that this organization created a scholarship program like this in honor of another fellow member whose talent and life impacted many individuals. I am honored and privileged to be a recipient of this prestigous award because I know what it means to all of the members who knew and respected Melissa. I am proud to be involved in continuing her legacy as a scholarship winner.

Ashley Carney
Pellegrin Scholarship 2007

Receiving the Melissa Pellegrin Memorial Scholarship reaffirms my success as a college student and STC’s commitment to funding capable technical communication students. The scholarship will help me as I apply to graduate schools in the near future.

My life has been filled with more up-and-downs than a pool of tidal waves. Staying focused and determined has helped me earn this scholarship. For students interested in pursuing this scholarship in the future, I recommend becoming or remaining active in STC and FTC. Find ways to contribute to these organizations because you will get more out of it than you think.

Michael Wilson

Pellegrin Scholarship, 2010

I was very grateful to receive the Melissa Pellegrin Scholarship. I consider my membership in STC to be one of the activities I most enjoy. I have gained so much from the amazing members and programs provided by the Orlando Chapter. The scholarship helped me finish out my last semester at UCF and I am very grateful to be blessed by the generosity of the Orlando Chapter of the STC.

Sarah Baca
Pellegrin Scholarship 2011

It is an honor to receive the Melissa Pellegrin Scholarship. Having been involved with STC for the past two years, I have met previous recipients of the scholarship and seen how they have carved out successful careers as technical communicators. Receiving the Pellegrin scholarship inspires me to follow their footsteps.

The scholarship has helped fund my trip to the STC international conference this year, where I was able to learn greatly from technical communicators across the world. I am extremely grateful to the Orlando Chapter for making this experience possible.

Patricia Cruz

President’s Corner


Karen Lane

By Karen Lane
Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC

Change is in the air. Not only are the seasons changing, the clock changing, and the economy changing—for the better, we continue to hope—but your Orlando Central Florida STC Chapter is experiencing some changes, too. You’ve probably already noticed some of them: We’ve dropped our meeting fees to much lower levels, and we’ve changed our meeting night from the third Tuesday of each month to the third Thursday of each month.

If that isn’t enough, we’ve even relocated our meeting space—twice! No, we’re not being capricious; we have good reasons for doing so, and our madness really does have some method behind it. You probably remember that our usual meeting space for many years was the Winter Park Civic Center. We were reasonably happy to meet there and would still be there indefinitely, except that we were finding that we had to raise meeting fees to accommodate the expense of providing the space plus refreshments every month. In order to save you some expense, we looked for less-costly meeting space, and so far we have come up with two options and continue to be open to other ideas as well.

February’s meeting was held at the Microsoft store in the Florida Mall. That location had some plusses and minuses, so now we are trying out another location that may well turn out to be our permanent “home.” You can read about the new location elsewhere in this issue of Memo to Members. And we are always interested in your feedback and suggestions for new meeting places.

But right now, I want to assure you that we will not compromise on our commitment to provide quality programming in a congenial setting, one that we can afford. Your Administrative Council is very eager to identify possible locations for meetings in other geographic parts of our community, so that we can have occasional meetings in the northeast, central, southwest, and other parts of Central Florida.

Think about this, please. Do you know of space in the Lake Mary / Heathrow area, for example, that could be suitable for our group? It would need to be donated space, so probably a workplace training room or similar would be best. And it should be accessible to evening admission, with safe, lighted parking. Internet access would be a plus, so we can access online material and distribute the meeting via the Internet to distant attendees.

If this kind of space sounds familiar because your company has such a facility, please contact me ( so we can discuss the possibilities. We have often heard that because our members are so geographically diverse, many of them cannot attend meetings. If that applies to you, here’s your chance to bring a meeting into your own area.

Segueing from the business of programs to the programming of networking, we’re again planning our regional networking events. I talked about this last month, asking for suggestions for places to meet, but no one stepped forward. If networking with your technical-communication colleagues after work or on Saturday afternoon is of interest to you, let’s make it happen. Be in touch with me, and I’ll put it together.

We are also excited to announce that again this year the chapter is offering up to two scholarships (one undergraduate; one graduate) in memory of Melissa Pellegrin. The information about applying is on our Web site

and the deadline for applying is March 29, 2013. It’s an easy application and could be worth real money, so download the flyer and application. Instructions for submitting the application are in the flyer.

By now you should have seen our online Rising Stars notice on our mailing lists. Rising Stars is the chapter fundraising program that supports our scholarships and professional development events. Please consider a donation of any amount at all:  every dollar makes a difference. And now to make giving even more convenient, we have an online option at our Event Brite RSVP site: Regardless of whether you are planning to attend our next meeting, please visit us at that link and donate a few dollars to help your chapter provide the services and benefits you’ve come to expect from us. For more information about our Rising Stars program, see our Web site ( or contact Erika Higgins (, our Rising Stars chair.

Hope to see everyone at our next meeting!

A View From Number Two

Debra Jonhson

It’s March Madness!
…and March for us is all about Employment!

It’s important as a future Technical Communicator, that you do the right things to secure or keep employment. This month, we have several guest panelists from leading job placement companies, as well as TechComm managers/leads to talk about Hiring, the job market, preparing for an interview, what hiring managers look for in a job applicant; etc.  It’s your opportunity to ask lots of questions.

REGISTER/RSVP is required at

PROGRAM: Thursday March 21, 2013
Refreshments and Networking start at 6:30pm
Program starts promptly at 7:00pm.


Wyndham Vacation Ownership Corporate Office (Former Harcourt Building)  6277 Sea Harbor Drive Orlando, FL 32821

Wyndham Vacation Ownership Corporate Office
(Former Harcourt Building)
6277 Sea Harbor Drive
Orlando, FL 32821


Wyndham Vacation Ownership Corporate Office
6277 Sea Harbor Drive Orlando FL 32821 (former Harcourt building)

PARKING: Park in the garage. Check in with security. Please bring your printed ticket with you to show at the door!  For questions, email VP – Debra Johnson –



UCF STUDENTS: Don’t forget to apply for the Melissa Pellegrin Memorial Scholarship…see eligibility details and application at


If you would like to pay your meeting fees in advance by check or M.O.,
please mail your payment to:

The Orlando Central Florida Chapter
of the Society for Technical Communication
Post Office Box 540444
Orlando, FL 32854-0444

If You Missed Last Meeting…

Mary Burns

By Mary Burns
Hospitality Chair
Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC

Your colleagues enjoyed their usual camaraderie and a tasty Buca di Beppo spaghetti dinner in the high-energy atmosphere of the Florida Mall Microsoft Store.

Orlando Chapter STC Vice-President Debra Johnson takes the helm at the February 2013 Chapter Meeting.

Orlando Chapter STC Vice-President Debra Johnson takes the helm at the February 2013 Chapter Meeting.


Vice President Debra Johnson announced:
• The chapter received the STC Community of Distinction award, and we’re in the running (once again!) for Community of the Year.
• There’s still time to make your membership activities count toward an Active Member T-shirt. Contact W.C. Wiese for more information.
• STC Summit sign-up reminder.

Kristina, Microsoft Store Employee, Demonstrates the Power of Microsoft OneNote.

Kristina, Microsoft Store Employee, Demonstrates the Power of Microsoft OneNote.


Have you ever wanted an electronic version of your notebook or scratch/doodle pad? Kristina, a Microsoft Store employee, demonstrated Microsoft’s answer: OneNote. We saw how you can create a OneNote virtual notebook with sections and subjects. You can put just about anything on a page—text, drawings, links to files, and handwritten notes, which the application can convert to text. And you can search across and share your notebooks, a plus that your three-ring binder definitely doesn’t have.

If you’re like me, you may be unaware that OneNote, available since 2007, is in your current Microsoft suite, just waiting for you to try it out!

Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC Members network during the February 2013 Chapter Meeting.

Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC Members network during the February 2013 Chapter Meeting.

When audio difficulties prevented the showing of the STC webinar announced for the meeting, we opted to have another product demonstration, this time for Excel 2013. Some highlights: easier access to templates and recent documents, recognition of touch or mouse interface, analysis options to use with a selected block of data, expanded flash-fill, and new save-as options including SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud service.

Orlando Central Florida Chapter Immediate Past President, Erika Higgins, hands out door prize tickets during networking time. She walked away with a copy of Microsoft Office 2010 at the end of the night.

Orlando Central Florida Chapter Immediate Past President, Erika Higgins, hands out door prize tickets during networking time. She walked away with a copy of Microsoft Office 2010 at the end of the night.


Erika Higgins was the lucky winner of a software package door prize donated by Microsoft.

Fun with Numb3rs

Sarah Baca

By Sarah Baca
Orlando Chapter STC

I want to take this chance to thank everyone for their financial support of the chapter. By joining our chapter as part of your STC society membership, you show that technical communication is important in our community.

Many of you also use the Amazon link when you purchase from Amazon. We receive about $25 to $40 a quarter; those funds allow us to offer more benefits to you, and don’t cost you a penny extra. Please create a shortcut and use our Amazon affiliate link for all of your Amazon purchases. You can purchase many things from Amazon. In the past I have subscribed to household items like toilet paper to ensure that I never run out again! I also buy specialty items that are difficult to find at the grocery store.

We also receive donations throughout the year to support the Melissa Pellegrin scholarship, other educational initiatives (such as supplemented STC membership), social gatherings, and meetings. If it was not for the generous donations we would not be able to support all of our exciting initiatives, such as the mentorship kick-off we sponsor each year. We have one of the most innovative and long-lasting technical communicator mentorship programs in the world! We could not be offering these opportunities to our students without the financial support of our local technical communicators.

If you have a suggestion or if would like to donate to the chapter, please feel free to e-mail me at


W. C. Wiese

by W.C. Wiese
Nominating Committee Chair
Orlando Chapter STC

Your Nominating Committee is proud to announce the following slate of officers for the 2013-2014 chapter year:


  • President: Debra Johnson
  • Vice President: Sarah Baca
  • Secretary: Mary Burns
  • Treasurer: Alex Garcia
  • Director-at-Large (Elect 2): David Coverston, Erika Higgins, Mark Wray

Elected officers will begin their terms at the end of June’s chapter meeting.

The ballot will be distributed in March to current chapter members via the Orlando Central Florida Chapter discussion list. Contact the Listserv Manager at
if you believe should be added to the list.

Members can submit ballots in three ways. You may bring the completed ballot to the April meeting, complete a ballot provided at the meeting, or submit your ballot by mail. (Mail ballots must use a double envelope – the sealed inside envelope protects voting privacy and should display your name, address, and STC membership number.) Mailed ballots must arrive by the date of the chapter meeting. The chapter’s mailing address is Post Office Box 540444, Orlando, FL 32854-0444.

Be sure to congratulate this year’s nominees and thank them for their willingness to serve the chapter!

(Good news for nominees – and the chapter. You don’t have to be present to win!)

Tool Tips

David Coverston

By David Coverston
Recognitions Chair
Membership Chair
Orlando Central Florida Chapter STC


This Tool tip column was sparked by a question on our chapter mailing list. In Word files, you can hyperlink to other Word documents. But if you are making PDFs from your documents, how can you maintain those links?

The problem is with this is that the hyperlinks point to other Word documents. So a link in a PDF document created from a Word document will point to the Word document you were originally linking to from the original Word document.

So, an easy solution is to PDF all the documents you want in a set, then combine them into one file. The bookmarks in the final file will link to each of the documents.

Now suppose you have lots of files to convert to PDF. Or perhaps you have to convert files on a regular basis. You really don’t want to open each file, save it as a PDF, then proceed to the next one. Well, you don’t have to. Copy and paste the code below into Word’s VBA editor, and you can save yourself a lot of time.

This macro uses Word’s Save as PDF function to create PDF files from all the Word documents in a folder. When you run it, it lets you browse to the folder where you have your files, saves them all as a PDF with the same name as the original file, then pops up a message telling you it’s all done. And it doesn’t change your original files either. In my experience, it is a faster way of creating PDF files from Word documents than using Acrobat. It will also create bookmarks from your headings.

Sub PDF_Folder()

Dim FirstLoop As Boolean
Dim myFile As String
Dim PathToUse As String
Dim myDoc As Document
Dim OName As String
Dim NName As String
Dim intToChange As Integer
Dim fDialog As FileDialog
Set fDialog = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker)

‘ Get the folder containing the files
With fDialog
.Title = “Select Folder containing the documents to be PDF’ed and click Open”
.AllowMultiSelect = False
.InitialView = msoFileDialogViewDetails
If .Show <> 1 Then
MsgBox “Cancelled By User”, , “PDF Folder”
Exit Sub
End If
PathToUse = fDialog.SelectedItems.Item(1)
If Right(PathToUse, 1) <> “\” Then PathToUse = PathToUse + “\”
End With

‘Close any documents that may be open
If Documents.Count > 0 Then
Documents.Close SaveChanges:=wdPromptToSaveChanges
End If
FirstLoop = True

‘ This wil do both doc and docx files
myFile = Dir$(PathToUse & “*.doc*”)

While myFile <> “”

‘Open each file and run the code
Set myDoc = Documents.Open(PathToUse & myFile)

”Code goes here
With ActiveWindow.View
.ShowRevisionsAndComments = False
.RevisionsView = wdRevisionsViewFinal
End With

OName = ActiveDocument.FullName
intToChange = InStrRev(OName, “.”)
NName = Left(OName, intToChange 1)

ActiveDocument.ExportAsFixedFormat OutputFileName:=NName & “.pdf” _
, ExportFormat:=wdExportFormatPDF, OpenAfterExport:=False, OptimizeFor:= _
wdExportOptimizeForPrint, Range:=wdExportAllDocument, From:=1, To:=1, _
Item:=wdExportDocumentContent, IncludeDocProps:=False, KeepIRM:=False, _
CreateBookmarks:=wdExportCreateHeadingBookmarks, DocStructureTags:=True, _
BitmapMissingFonts:=False, UseISO19005_1:=False


”Code ends here


‘Close the file, not saving the changes.
myDoc.Close SaveChanges:=wdDoNotSaveChanges
myFile = Dir$()
MsgBox (“All Done!”)
End Sub