A New Challenger Approaches…

A New Challenger Approaches…

By Julia Southwick with graphics by Joy Carandang

This past chapter year, I earned the second most active member points of all time using WC’s point system. How many points? 55 points:

You may think “HOW??? How did she manage that?” Let me explain. I got points for my roles as newsletter editor, communications chair, vice president, and Joy’s mentor. As newsletter editor and communications chair, I got points for writing articles here, in MtM. Additionally, I earned points for going to every chapter meeting, networking event, and Administrative Council (AdCo) meeting. I even presented at some of the meetings!

How many points are each of these worth? What can you earn points for? See the chart below for the point breakdown:

The title of this article is “A New Challenger Approaches…” but who is this new challenger? It could be you!

Do you have what it takes to take my top-point-earner crown? I’d love to see you earn more than me!

Editor’s note: After fact-checking the first sentence was corrected.

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