FTC Announces Merch and Fundraising Opportunities

FTC Announces Merch and Fundraising Opportunities

By FTC’s Communications Committee

Good morning,

The Future Technical Communicators (FTC) club at UCF are excited to announce their lineup of six volunteers attending this year’s STC Summit in Atlanta, GA:

Jasmine Boyens,
Dominick Chiovari,
John Clement,
Chantal Cyrier,
Delaney Gunnell
and Cassandra Ortega!

To support their journey to the Summit, FTC has created a fundraiser on GoFundMe. All proceeds will go directly into their trip and future FTC funding.

To contribute, please visit the link below:

FTC Merch video:

They recently have also launched their merchandise for purchase, including a Unisex Crew Neck Shirt for $20.02, a Women’s Shirt for $20.21, and a Pullover Hoodie at $35.55 each. Please place your order by April 4th via the link to the order form:

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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