Meet the Panelists: Problem Solvers Panel

Meet the Panelists: Problem Solvers Panel

Join the STC Florida chapter on January 19 at 6:30 pm EST as we are joined by panelists who will share their knowledge and experience on some of the problems they’ve encountered and the clever ways they’ve addressed them. RSVP now on our event page to join us! 

Please bring your questions for our panelists! They will give their best advice on how to address the challenges you are facing with building rapport with other teams. Since we want to allow opportunities for our attendees to ask questions, we will not be recording the discussion, to allow our panelists and attendees to speak freely.

We are thrilled to welcome the following Joe Ryan, Lori Corbett, and Lori Meyer!

Joe Ryan

Joe Ryan is a Team Lead for the U.S. Census Bureau in the DC Metro area. Joe creates and leads high-performing teams that respond to challenges with resilience, innovation, and adaptability. His current team consists of technical writers, instructional systems specialists, and analysts.

Joe has contributed his extensive business, writing, and training experience to technology and business improvement projects for a variety of industries and organizations during his 40-year career. Joe enjoys leading and contributing to culturally and geographically diverse (remote) teams.

Joe is a lifelong learner and first-generation college graduate. He holds a Professional Certificate in Project Management (PCPM) from Duke University, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), a Bachelor of Business Administration from Washington Adventist University (WAU), an Associates Degree from Montgomery College.

Joe has a natural curiosity for emerging technologies and their real-world implications. He is an early adopter of technology products who regularly participates in beta tests for a variety of new technologies. Joe and his family live in Charles County, Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC.

Lori Corbett

Lori has a B.A. in Economics from Barnard College and 35 years of experience as a technical writer, editor, training developer, and trainer.

She worked as a contractor for ~15 years and then decided to take a “direct” position as she got older and thought she might need “benefits” (a.k.a., medical insurance).

Lori’s current position is called “Product Content Designer,” but it’s really functions like a high senior level technical writer. Her responsibilities include creating user guides and release notes, and training new hires in her Product Content Experience group. They use AuthorIT and their final product is PDF. There is some movement to HTML presentation via Zoomin, but her group isn’t doing that yet.

Lori Meyer

Lori Meyer is an STC Fellow and technical communication specialist with more than 25 years of experience designing, writing, and editing documentation for user assistance. Lori began her technical communication career as a technical editor and has been involved in editing and peer reviewing throughout her career as a writer. She is a technical writer at a cybersecurity firm in northern California and has an MS degree in instructional technology from Rochester Institute of Technology. Lori is a member of STC Florida and many other STC chapters and SIGs. She is currently serving on the STC Board of Directors and is Chair of the STC Community Affairs Committee.

Meeting Payments

We are charging the following rates for this educational program:

  • Free for student members
  • $5 for STC Florida Chapter Members 
  • $15 for all other attendees

Please RSVP and send your meeting payment through PayPal to receive the Zoom details for this meeting. Students can attend for free by RSVPing on this page

If you missed last meeting…..

If you missed last meeting, you can watch it on our chapter’s YouTube page. We have a playlist of previous meetings for your convenience.

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