Leadership Development Program Refresh and Rollout

Leadership Development Program Refresh and Rollout

STC Florida’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) was created in 2018-2019 by Dan Voss and Mike Murray. The LDP was designed to act as a transition from the STC/FTC mentorship program into chapter leadership as a part of the expanded Administrative Council (e.g., offices, committee chairs). 

The LDP has remained the same since its creation and we believe it’s time for a refresh of the LDP. We updated and edited the wording as well as looked to see if the 18 leadership skills could be made more accurate or concise. In the end, we decided on splitting the leadership skills into a second category: leadership qualities. By the time we had finished, we had a list of 6 key leadership qualities and 8 leadership skills.


The leadership qualities are:

  1. Collaboration: Working together to achieve a common goal.
  2. Compassion: Feeling care and warmth for people and actively choosing to help; actively learning about different people, cultures, and perspectives.
  3. Courage: Strength that enables you to face difficulty and challenges without fear; bravery.
  4. Creativity: The use of imagination or original ideas to create meaningful change.
  5. Flexibility: willingness to change or compromise; adjusting your thinking and behavior.
  6. Wisdom: Knowledge of what is true or right, and the insight to determine the best action to take.


The leadership skills are:

  1. Delegation: Trusting your teammates. Knowing your limits and putting your time where it counts most.
  2. Inspirational ability: Encouraging people to pursue a common goal; bringing out the best in them.
  3. Listening skills: Paying attention to what others are actually saying to understand.
  4. Long-term planning: Doing the right things pave the way for continued success for the team.
  5. Prioritization: Ability to prioritize team objectives and allocate resources accordingly.
  6. Problem-solving: Leading positive brainstorming sessions that define the problem once and focus on solutions.
  7. Team-building: The ability to engage new volunteers and make them feel like a part of the team.
  8. Time Management: Ensuring tasks are completed when they need to be.

We hope to see more LDP coaches helping LDP rising stars achieve their goals in the journey to becoming the leaders of tomorrow! If you are interested in participating in the Leadership Development Program or learning, visit https://stc-orlando.org/education/leadership-development-program/

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