Get Active! (And Get a Shirt!)

Get Active! (And Get a Shirt!)

by W.C. Wiese

Just like Bethany Aguad, John Clement, W.C. Wiese, Karen Lane, Debra Johnson, James Yunik, Nick Ducharme, Alex Garcia, and Julia Southwick, you can stand out as a committed technical communicator with a snazzy Florida Chapter Active Member shirt.

For more than 20 years, the Florida Chapter has recognized and rewarded the members who are essential to our chapter’s success with unique active member shirts. Our distinctive leadership shirts aren’t sold, only earned. They raise our profile at meetings, STC conferences, and at work. In fact, after years of envy, several other STC chapters have contacted us and started their own active membership programs.

We celebrate chapter pride whenever we wear them. The message to employers, clients, family, and co-workers is powerful:  I am committed to technical communication and self-development. That’s why I’m an active member of STC! Florida Chapter members earn points for every monthly chapter meeting or Administrative Council (AdCo) meeting attended, each program presented, or each month as a judge or mentor. Another great way to earn points (and add to your resumé) is by writing articles for Memo to Members.

Based on past campaigns, the most active 15 percent of our membership ordinarily receive shirts. Will we see you at our next meeting?

In a land without Covid 19, Nick Ducharme receives his shirt from energetic Membership Chairman David Coverston.

And, By the Way…

It’s not too late if you want to send a selfie with your 2022 Active Member shirt. Send it to to boost your career when our annual celebratory LinkedIn article gets posted.

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