STC Florida 2022 Leadership Retreat

STC Florida 2022 Leadership Retreat

Join the STC Florida Leadership Retreat

Have you been looking for an opportunity to develop your leadership skills and get more involved with the STC Florida chapter? We want to invite you to our annual Leadership Retreat on July 23, where the STC Florida Chapter plans for the upcoming chapter year. 

At this free event, we welcome anyone looking to take an active role in the chapter for the coming year and develop leadership skills!


Event Timing: July 23, 12:00pm-4:00pm EDT

Location: Online through Zoom

The STC Florida Chapter’s annual summer Leadership Retreat provides a review of the previous year’s activities and serves as a kick-off meeting for the upcoming chapter year. At the yearly summer Leadership Retreat, the STC Florida Chapter sets its strategic goals and objectives for the upcoming chapter year and identifies the projects and activities we must execute to achieve those goals.

We are eager to engage with student members, recent graduates, and veteran chapter members alike. The Summer Leadership Retreat is a time to review our previous year’s activities to see what we can improve. We hope this event will be fun, interactive, and productive for everyone who attends. In addition to our planned chapter business, we have time for discussion, brainstorming, and leadership development activity.

This event is free for STC Florida members and volunteers who are looking to take an active role in the chapter for the coming year.

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