Become an Officer in the STC Florida Chapter

Become an Officer in the STC Florida Chapter

Become an Officer in the STC Florida Chapter

The STC Florida Chapter Nominating Committee, chaired by 2021-2022 Director Alex Garcia, is looking for nominees for the offices of secretary and director-at-large. If elected, you would serve for the 2022-2023 chapter year beginning in June. Please take a look at the description of each role below. 

To be eligible to serve as an officer, you must be a current member of STC and the STC Florida chapter. To read more about how our chapter works and each role, visit our bylaws and policies and procedures

Officers join our Administrative Council (AdCo) and work together on chapter business. The AdCo meets monthly online, and the meetings are open to any members who wish to attend. Beyond the officers, other chapter leaders such as committee managers, the newsletter editor, and the website administrator join the elected officers of the Council. 

Being a part of the Administrative Council for STC Florida is a chance to work alongside like-minded volunteers in service to our members. Although AdCo meetings are fundamentally for discussing tasks, there is always room for fun. Our monthly AdCo meetings are lively, enjoyable, and highly productive. 

In addition to serving your community as an officer, there are also some benefits for you as well:

  • Build your resume with practical leadership experience
  • Grow your network through interactions with our members
  • Build your portfolio and online presence with volunteer work

If you have any interest or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

Secretary Responsibilities

The secretary is responsible for maintaining documents for the Administrative Council, including meeting minutes and meeting agendas. They must also publish any changes or corrections to minutes, as well as ensure the STC office has the correct information about Administrative Council members.

Director-At-Large Responsibilities

The director-at-large is responsible for providing advice and insight on chapter business at Adco meetings. They vote at Administrative Council meetings and may perform other duties as requested by the President.

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  1. Yehowshua Leonard

    Hello, I would be interested in the secretary position. Let me know what I need to do. I have some familiarity doing this work on my current job where I am responsible for organizing our new set of procedures and updating them with new info per meeting(s).

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