STC Florida Chapter Seeking Additional Volunteers for Mentoring Program

STC Florida Chapter Seeking Additional Volunteers for Mentoring Program

By John Clement

Apply to be a mentor in STC Florida’s Mentoring Program here:

Hello! This year’s STC Florida Mentoring Program coordinators would like to extend a volunteer opportunity to all STC members on behalf of the Chapter. The STC Florida Chapter is currently seeking additional mentors for its annual mentoring program. The program pairs industry professionals with talented technical communication students at UCF. This year it is completely virtual. Currently, 7 mentor positions need to be filled. You do not have to be an STC Florida chapter member to sign up to be a mentor. We are hoping to fill out our slate by the end of February before too much of the semester passes by, ensuring that our students get a satisfactory mentoring experience. Mentor-mentee pairings officially run until the end of the school year, though they can persist beyond that if the pairing chooses.

For additional background: This year, the Florida Chapter received an influx of mentee applications for the program compared to available mentors (15 mentee applications compared to 7 mentors). As such, the program coordinators made 7 pairings from the available pool, leaving 8 remaining students on standby. We want to ensure that everyone gets a mentoring pair and that no student who applied to the program is left out. Our current goal is to, by expanding our reach to the larger STC membership base, get enough additional mentors to make pairings for each of the remaining students early this Spring semester.

Please feel free to share this invitation with other STC members you know or groups that you are in. Any STC member who may be interested in mentoring a student is welcome to apply. If you have any questions, you can email program co-coordinator John Clement at 

Sign our Mentoring Program application here: 

Read more about our program:

Thank you for your consideration!


John Clement, Jessica Nealon, and Julia Southwick

STC Florida Mentoring Program Co-Coordinators

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