STC Florida’s End-of-Year Celebration

STC Florida’s End-of-Year Celebration

On June 25, Florida chapter members gathered together to celebrate the end of another wonderful year of time spent learning and growing together. STC members joined on Zoom to network with peers, acknowledge each other’s work in the chapter, and welcome the new STC Florida offers. If you were not able to join us, please watch the video for a special message from outgoing President Debra Johnson below.

New Officers

As chosen by you, our Florida chapter members, in our election conducted following our bylaws, we are proud to announce the new STC Florida officers:

  • President – Bethany Aguad
  • Vice President – Jessica Nealon
  • Secretary – Jesslyn Parrish
  • Treasurer – W.C. Wiese
  • Immediate Past President – Debra Johnson
  • Directors-at-Large – Alex Garcia and Lori Meyer


One of the awards given to members each year is the STC active member shirt. Members receive these shirts by contributing their efforts to the chapter to earn a predetermined amount of points. Each year, the color of the shirt is revealed the night of the banquet, preceded by oohs and ahs of all who attend. This year, the active member shirts were white, chosen by outgoing president Debra Johnson after years of lobbying for the color. Congratulations to this year’s active members!

  • Bethany Aguad
  • Alex Garcia
  • Debra Johnson
  • John Clement
  • Julia Southwick
  • Lori Meyer
  • Jessica Nealon
  • WC Wiese
  • Dawnell Claessen

Members who have served the chapter in addition receive awards to show the chapter’s appreciation. Debra presented two special Lifetime Achievement Awards to Dan Voss and David Coverston, for their years of commitment to the chapter, mentoring, and service.

STC Leadership Retreat

Bethany Aguad invited everyone to attend this year’s STC Florida Leadership Retreat which will be held on Zoom on July 24 from 1:00-5:00pm. All members are welcome to register to join us as we reflect on what we have learned this past year and plan for the future.At this free event, we welcome anyone who is looking to take an active role in the chapter for the coming year and develop leadership skills!

At the annual summer Leadership Retreat, the STC Florida Chapter sets its strategic goals and objectives for the upcoming chapter year and identifies the projects and activities we must execute to achieve those goals.

We are eager to engage with student members, recent graduates, and veteran chapter members alike. The summer Leadership Retreat serves as a time to review our previous year’s activities to see what we can improve. We hope this event will be fun, interactive, and productive for everyone who attends. In addition to our planned chapter business, we have time for discussion, brainstorming, and leadership development activity. RSVP now to join us on the 24! 

Certified Study Buddies

Jessica Nealon provided an overview of the new Certified Study Buddies program. A passion project that she is running with her mentee Nancy Jean Lopez, this group is for people who:

  • Want to get certified as a Professional Technical Communicator through STC
  • Want to know what it takes to get certified
  • Want to review the material without the pressure of a test
  • Want to refresh their core competencies

You can learn more on their website: STC Florida Certified Study Buddies.

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