Certified Study Buddies Announcement

Certified Study Buddies Announcement

By Nancy Lopez and Jessica Nealon

We Know How It Is…

You bought the textbook. It’s been sitting on your shelf or hidden until that pile of papers on your desk, waiting for you to open it. You’ve been meaning to get started, to get certified, but life–predictably–got in the way. Now is your chance to start fresh, only this time you won’t be alone. 

Let’s Get Certified Together!

Welcome to Certified Study Buddies! CSB is an informal study group whose primary goal is to help STC members prepare for the CPTC Certification exam. Each month, we’ll set a reading goal from Richard Sheehan’s Technical Communication Today. At the end of the month, we’ll meet to discuss what we’ve read. In between meetings, we can discuss the material on our Slack channel. The informal book club-style of the group encourages self-study at your pace.

If Not Now, When?

If you’ve had “get certified” on your to-do list for a while, CSB will bring you one step closer to your goal, one chapter at a time. Monthly reading plans and discussions can help keep you on track and accountable to a mutual goal. You’ll also benefit from the collective knowledge of other STC members to help you understand the concepts discussed in the text. Whether you’re a new or an experienced technical communicator, let’s learn from one another as we explore the world of tech comm.

How to Join

  • Visit our website for news, study guides, and reading reminders.
  • Join our email list for inbox notifications. 
  • Join our Slack group for announcements and discussions. 
  • Email us if you have questions or want to contribute resources and suggestions.

Join Us For Our First Meeting

CSB will have its first meeting on July 7th at 7pm. We will present our methodology and plans for the group, and we would love your input. This is a group effort, and we will learn and modify our approach as we continue to study together. If you don’t already have the textbook, now’s the time to get it and start reading. Our first discussion meeting on Part 1 of the text will be on July 28th at 7pm. Looking forward to reading and learning with all of you. 

Let’s Get Certified!

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