STC/FTC Annual Meeting Recap

STC/FTC Annual Meeting Recap

By Caitlyn Hunter, FTC Vice President

The annual joint meeting between the Florida STC chapter and UCF FTC club went off without a hitch Friday, February 26. Members of both organizations enjoyed a lively pre-discussion where tips for working internationally were exchanged along with general pleasantries.

After a half-hour of connecting with each other, it was time for the main presentation to begin. A warm welcome was given by the two MCs: Debra Johnson, president of STC; and John Clement, president of FTC. Both presidents took a moment to introduce their organizations before giving Dr. Applen, the sponsor of FTC, a few minutes to speak about the benefits of networking and developing with each other.

The two recipients of this year’s Melissa Pellegrin Memorial Scholarship award were announced. Another congratulations to John Clement and Angela Kafka for their achievement.

Jack Molisani was our first presenter and kicked off the series of talks with tips for crafting a professional resume and tailoring how you present yourself while applying for a job. With many suggestions and an energetic presentation, he got the presentations off to a lively start.

Next Diane Hogan spent a few minutes sharing her insight into tools that professional writers use in the day-to-day. From MadCap Flare to Grammarly, everyone attending came out with some new suggestions for programs that could possibly raise their productivity or skills.

Lori Meyer was the third presenter of the night. She gave advice about what to expect while navigating the expansive technical communication field. Her insights into the sometimes confusing twists and turns of being a professional hopefully gave some encouragement for those about to transition in the field.

Our next speaker was Barrie Byron who presented on finding and using online resources. She graciously shared a lot of her resources with the audience, inviting others to share in the chat if they knew resources that could be helpful. She ended her talk with advice to always keep learning while in the field.

Rachel Eichen presented fifth and discussed how to get a job without having connections. With plenty of personal advice and humor, she taught that persistence and good presentation will get you where you need to go eventually.

Our final presenter of the night was Melissa Rios who shared her knowledge about what it’s like to work in the defense industry. She gave useful guidance about what to expect while applying for jobs in these lucrative workplaces. With such great advice, she wrapped up the meeting properly with great energy.

A quick Q&A session was conducted where students and professionals alike were given a chance to pick the brains of our gracious presenters. Afterward, Debra Johnson closed the meeting with a thank you for everyone’s time and well wishes as everyone went their separate ways again.

Overall, the meeting has been recognized unanimously as a success despite being conducted in an unconventional manner. Connections were made and everyone left that evening in good spirits. For all those that participated and made this meeting what it was, we give our warmest thanks. Here’s to looking forward to next year’s meeting.

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