How to Use Google Suite

How to Use Google Suite

By: Julia Southwick
New Professional Member
Florida Chapter, STC

About Me
 Hello, I’m Julia. I come from a family of engineers and engineering types, so technical communication comes as naturally to me as breathing. Last May, I graduated from UCF’s Technical Writing Program and started looking for a job on my own. Spoiler alert: it did not go well. So I reached out to my network and decided to join STC’s mentorship program last fall.

About my Mentorship
I’ve been lucky enough to be paired with Bethany Aguad who has been fun to work with and even helped me find a position at Siemens. As part of our mentorship, I decided to make some how-tos about some of Google’s products because I noticed a gap in the Society’s knowledge continuity. 

About the Project
The STC Florida Chapter uses Google Suite for various functions such as meetings and document management. There are three Google Suite processes I focused on: accessing documents in Google Drive, setting up permissions in Google Docs, and setting up Google Meet calls. All three were written in Google Docs and have an accompanying video showing all of the steps. If you have any feedback about these how-tos or suggestions for other topics, please contact me at

Google Drive Instruction Documents

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