Florida Chapter Gives Back to the Community

Florida Chapter Gives Back to the Community

By: Bernard King
Student Member
Florida Chapter, STC

During the 2019 holiday season, the Florida Chapter donated more than $100 worth of gift cards and pantry items to the Harbor House of Central Florida. Harbor House is an organization that works to prevent and eliminate domestic abuse in Central Florida by providing critical life-saving services to survivors, as well as educating the community on navigating the justice system and utilizing resources to cope with the effects of domestic abuse. We’d like to take this moment to outline what it means to give back to your community and how your contributions can create a better world, as well as a better you.

It Makes Life Difficult for the Bad Guys

Harbor House is an organization dedicated to protecting domestic abuse survivors. When you contribute to organizations dedicated to protecting, you’re also providing abuse victims the resources to rebuild their lives. An organization with more resources to protect people makes it difficult for those who wish to prey on them. Organizations like Harbor House partner with law enforcement and child protective services for the purpose of preventing homicides and injuries.

Create a Legacy of Giving

When you contribute to a charitable organization, it makes a difference. Donations don’t necessarily have to be monetary. Harbor House accepts contributions in the forms of cleaning products, personal care items, and even pet food. Whether it be brightening someone’s day or saving a life, the effect will be felt throughout the community. More importantly, it may inspire someone else to do the same. The more you give, the more you inspire. And when you inspire, you cement a legacy that you and your loved ones can be proud of.

Misty Arner (right) dropping off the donations on behalf of the Florida Chapter.

It Looks Good on Paper

Doing volunteer work and contributing to non-profit organizations can help make you more marketable, especially when you are contributing in ways that are related to your chosen career or major. For example, contributing articles to volunteer organizations like STC can help to build your skillset and make your resume more appealing to potential employers. Being employed by an organization that wants to make the world a better place can be a great source of pride.

Regardless of your reasons to give back to your community, the overall benefits of doing so will always lead to positive results for both you, and the world around you.

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