Jumpstart Your Active Membership by Winning Our New Member Campaign!

Jumpstart Your Active Membership by Winning Our New Member Campaign!

By: W.C. Wiese
Florida Chapter, STC

An often-overlooked active membership opportunity is sponsoring a new member! The Florida Chapter is always looking to grow and needs your help. That’s why our active membership program awards two points for each new chapter member you sponsor.

It’s not hard to do. Do you have a co-worker who needs a nudge? Bring them with you to the next meeting or participate together online – just help them act on that frequent desire to see what STC is all about and help them appreciate the professional growth they’ve been missing. When they join STC and become a chapter member, you get points for having been their contact and host.

Talk about feeling good! You’ll feel really good about yourself, you’ll get two Active Member points for each new member, and you’ll maybe win a contest. Sponsor the most new members by the end of 2019, and you’ll be the winner of a great pair of technical communication socks from the 2018 STC Summit.

The well-dressed active member doesn’t stop with a Florida Chapter shirt. Add these limited-edition STC socks if you’re our new member campaign winner!

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