Values, Vision, and Mission Statements Ratified by Administrative Council

Values, Vision, and Mission Statements Ratified by Administrative Council

Our Values Provide the Vision to Achieve our Mission

By: Dan Voss and Mike Murray, STC Fellows

Our lighthouse is shining.

Culminating a year-long initiative spearheaded by STC Fellow and chapter historian Mike Murray, the Administrative Council formally approved the chapter’s Values, Vision, and Mission Statements at its December meeting.

The beacon in our community’s lighthouse is fueled by our seven core values:

Our values guide us to safe harbor for all.
  • Caring
  • Education
  • Excellence
  • Inclusivity
  • Teamwork
  • Vision
  • Volunteerism

Collectively, these values guide us safely through the perilous shoals of discord, disunity, and dysfunctionality that can sink any community.

Our summary Values Statement is as follows:

The Florida STC Chapter operates upon seven shared core values: caring for each other and for others, with inclusivity for all, a passion for education, a commitment to excellencethe vision to build for tomorrow, and the teamwork and volunteerism to achieve things today.

A detailed Values Statement with a definition of each core value and an explanation of how it guides our community, along with our Vision and Mission Statements, are provided on our website.

Just like a lighthouse, our Values give us the Vision to safely pursue and achieve our Mission.

Our Vision Statement is:

To develop and enhance the practice of technical communication in Florida by exploring and implementing emerging technologies while still stressing critical core skills—and, in the process, creating and sustaining a cohesive statewide technical communication community.

Our Mission Statement is:

To advance the statewide exchange and application of technical communication expertise through diverse channels, and to demonstrate the business value professional practitioners offer with their core skills and their mastery of emerging communication technologies.

Inclusivity targets diversity in technical communication.

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