President’s Corner

President’s Corner

Bethany Aguad

By: Bethany Aguad
Florida Chapter, STC

Members and Friends of the STC Florida Chapter,

This is my first year as President of the Florida Chapter, and I am thrilled to step up to carry on the amazing accomplishments of Alex Garcia in his time serving you all. I am confident that with Alex’s continued support as immediate past president and our entire Administrative Council, we will deliver on the commitments we have made to our members.


I have worked closely with our chapter Vice President, Nick Ducharme, to focus our plans for the year on delivering value to our members as your Florida chapter. We used two questions to guide our brainstorming:

  • Does this benefit our members?
  • Is this worth doing?

We based all of our efforts on activities that let us answer those questions with a resounding, “Yes!” Based on that, we have made a commitment to deliver a robust, connected virtual experience for members across the state of Florida and educational chapter meetings that drive professional growth. I want to thank you all for providing responses to our STC Florida survey, which we used to drive our annual planning at the STC Florida Leadership Retreat in July. I will have a full walk through of those responses in my next President’s Corner.

For the 2018 chapter year, the Florida Chapter will provide an outlet for networking, fellowship, and sharing of information among passionate technical communicators throughout the state of Florida. Nick Ducharme has worked to put together a list of programs for the year to:

  • Provide educational resources
  • Promote best practices
  • Facilitate networking

We also want to focus on supporting our volunteers this year, especially following the Summit. I know many of you dedicated significant time and energy to making Summit attendees feel welcome in our state, and I am grateful for your efforts. This year, we want to encourage volunteers at all responsibility levels from directors, to committee chairs, to smaller tasks. We are all in this together, and through supporting each other, we will make 2018 a great year for STC Florida!  

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